How To Stay Safe As A Solo Traveller

Solo traveller on yacht

Travelling alone can be an incredibly rewarding experience, whatever it is in a luxurious way or not. Getting to see the world at your own pace, without having to consider anyone else’s wants or needs will allow you to create memories that will last you a lifetime. But despite its benefits, many people worry about the safety of being a solo traveller. This is an understandable concern, but thankfully there are many things you can do in order to stay safe.

Protect your valuables

Protecting your valuables starts with a good packing. Do not bring anything on the trip that you do not need. For example, if you don’t use your car for traveling, make sure to remove your car key from your keyring. Also, packing a copy of your passport/ID is also wise, should the physical copies get lost and need replacing.

Packing is key for solo travelling
Packing is key for solo travelling

When you are travelling around, it is important to keep your valuables close to you. Investing in a belt bag is a good idea, so you can keep your passport/ID and money at all times.

You may also want to purchase tracking devices to keep on inside your luggage and various bags, making them easier to find should they get lost or stolen.

Prepare an emergency plan

Hopefully, you will not need to use it, but it is advisable to prepare an emergency plan to use in the event that you find yourself in a dangerous position.

Travelling solo in Jordan
Travelling solo in Jordan

With every new country you enter, learn a few useful phrases so that you are able to ask for help. It is also handy to learn the number for emergency services wherever you are.

There are also items that you should pack to help protect yourself, including a first aid kit.

Obtain travel insurance

Travel insurance is absolutely essential when you are a solo traveller. This will help cover medical expenses should there be any. If you are injured while travelling, you may also choose to make a claim depending on how the incident occurred. This kind of insurance may be included in your credit card benefits, especially if you have a premium one like American Express Platinum or Visa Infinite.

Share your plans

While part of the appeal of travelling solo is the ability to be spontaneous, it is always a good idea to share your plans as best as possible with friends and family back home. Send them information about where you are staying and any activities you have planned in advance.

Travelling solo in luxury cruising
Travelling solo in luxury cruising

It could also be useful to invest in a sim card or data allowance for wherever you are travelling to, making it easier to communicate your whereabouts.


Before travelling to a new place, it is a good idea to do your research. Look into where is best to stay and advice from other solo travellers who have visited the same area.

It may be that you feel safer staying in private rooms rather than shared accommodation. This is something you will be able to gauge relatively soon after you arrive and may change over the course of your trip.

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