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My name is Francois Le Hecho, I founded this luxury lifestyle blog in 2011 and I am its main contributor. That’s my hobby! Being a luxury retail professional is my primary job, though. I have more than 14 years of experience working for A-list luxury brands (Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent, La Prairie…). This amazing industry is a true passion for me!

Francois Le Hecho
Francois Le Hecho – Founder of The Luxe Insider

Originally, I focused only on my own luxury trips and year after year I extended the scope of The Luxe Insider. Today I am highlighting everything related to the finest travels and lifestyle worldwide, with the help of talented writers coming from Australia, India, UK and North America. I had the pleasure to be nominated as one of the best lifestyle blog in the world in 2022.

I am also doing some exclusive interviews of luxury industry insiders, high-end lifestyle addicts or simply chic world travelers.

Member of the International Association of Press Photographers, I hold an official American press card.

What is my purpose?

The objective of The Luxe Insider is to highlight what the market has the best to offer in term of luxury travel and lifestyle through personal reviews, without commercial and brand-defined contents. I always experiment myself the places or luxury goods I intend to review, and I require the same from my writers; this is absolutely key for me.

Another important point: whatever articles are marketing-oriented or not, they always reflect a sincere opinion. I regularly work with communication agencies to publish guest content, and I always carefully review it.

Which brands work with me?

I am also regularly collaborating with public relations, marketing and press managers from many renowned (or emerging) hospitality & lifestyle brands worldwide. This relationship is essential to keep visiting stunning places and experiencing unique moments – because it has a cost – as well as getting behind-the-scenes comments from insiders.

Here below is a non-exhaustive list of amazing brands who trust The Luxe Insider:

How to follow The Luxe Insider?

The responsive design of Luxe Insider website makes it available on any kind of device with a pleasant user experience: read our articles at work, in the subway, in your bed… No limit :-)

On the other hand our day-to-day activity can be followed on Facebook, X, Instagram and we also have a Youtube channel to broadcast our stays in luxury hotels & resorts; links are available at the bottom of this website, feel free to follow us!

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You can also follow me personally with my Linkedin’s profile.

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