5 Reasons to Retire to Greece

5 Reasons to Retire to Greece
We’ve all been on that one holiday where we fell head over heels in love with the destination and said to ourselves “one day”. For many people, that place is Greece and it’s no surprise that people fall in love with it so easily.

In Greece people are friendly, it’s almost always sunny, food is fresh and lifestyle is very relaxed ; just in case you need any more convincing, read on to hear our top five reasons why you should consider Greece for your retirement.

1. the weather

This has to be the most common reason why when people hit retirement age they make the bold move to Greece. The year-round warm climate serves as a source of happiness and wellbeing for many, with average winter temperatures of 10⁰c and scorching summer averages of 29⁰c keeping the tan in check. Many expats in Greece fall in love with the fact that they can get outdoors all year round to take advantage of everything the country has to offer- a luxury for people from places like the UK who know all too well what it is to be fed up with dark, cold winters. Even during the mild winters there’s plenty to see and do in Greece. Al fresco dining, sunbathing, hiking and boating all require a little sunshine and life on this beautiful paradise certainly delivers.

2. endless activities

Greece is in possession of an incredibly diverse landscape and seemingly bottomless bags of history. Everywhere you turn, there’s a new archaeological site to explore or ruins to be gazed upon. In fact, you can even live right next door to a UNESCO world Heritage site. Rich in history but not lacking in adventure, whether you enjoy quiet days fishing for trout, cycling through peaceful villages or windsurfing the crystal waters, Greece has something for everyone. You could easily spend all of your retirement years island hopping amid the Greek archipelago and never tire as there are over 6000 islands to explore. Retiring to the coast will be different from making the move inland as both lead to very different lifestyles. For a vibrant, more cosmopolitan retirement experience, Mykonos will serve you well with its boutique cafes, restaurants and bars. If you’re looking for the laid back life, try one of the more isolated coastal regions away from tourists and expat communities.

Image Source: Ian

Image Source: Ian

3. a fine travel hub

Greece’s position serves nicely as a gateway to the rest of the world with just one stop over, meaning your friends and family will be able to visit with no problems. Athens is also a direct door to the rest of Europe, making the opportunities for travel during retirement abundant. Pick up a cruise or take the yacht out for a drive. Living in Greece means living on the brink of a whole world of natural Mediterranean beauty.

4. good time to invest

Whilst the economy might be in chaos, don’t let that put you off- there’s no better time to invest. The cost of living is currently very low, meaning your savings will stretch a lot further than they would in neighbouring countries or in your home country. You also have the advantage of buying when property prices are low- the only way is up! Despite the current financial crisis, people and businesses are continuing to invest, and the high end of the property market is still thriving. New developments are popping up left right and centre, contributing to the returned growth and revival of the market.

5. live a life of luxury

Living the luxury lifestyle in Greece is the dream of many and it’s a dream that’s achievable in the current climate. Amanzoe, a prime example of a luxury resort whose founders were tenacious enough to develop property during the country’s worst ever economic crisis, are unquestionably offering some of the finest homes for sale in Greece. The Amanzoe Residences perch on a prime hilltop location, surrounded by olive groves and overlooking the Aegean Sea. Inspired by Greece’s rich history and stunning architecture, each home is contemporary and customisable to meet the owner’s needs. We love this particular opportunity as it sits far away from expat communities in Porto Heli, surrounded by countryside, yet owners still benefit from the unparalleled service, hospitality and amenities offered by the neighbouring Amanzoe Resort such as the spa, swimming pool and private beach club. Life in an Amanzoe Residence is relaxed, luxurious and independent, yet owners have everything they could ever imaginably need at their fingertips.

mage Source: Amanzoe Residences

mage Source: Amanzoe Residences 

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