What To Splurge On During A Luxury Travel

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Traveling and going on vacation is always a fantastic time that creates some wonderful memories. However, for as enjoyable as a luxury travel can be, it’s no secret that planning such trip can be quite complicated and overpriced. Here are few tips to know what to particularly focus on.

People may want to put the money they save towards future luxury holidays, or they may want to make a more serious purchase like buying one of the Vancouver homes for sale.

Going on luxury holidays

In order to plan your next vacation in the most efficient way, let’s see what are the best areas to splurge on when traveling. 


One area that you definitely shouldn’t be afraid to splurge on is the accommodations for your stay. While you’re traveling, you’ll want to be happy and comfortable with where you’re staying, as it will greatly increase the overall enjoyment of your stay.

Hotel Majestic Barriere, Cannes

You should still look to find great deals or any discounts while searching for luxury accommodations on your travel, but you shouldn’t be afraid to shell out a decent amount of cash for a hotel. A five-star hotel can allow you to relax and recharge easier, leaving you well rested for your vacation.

Glamis Suite, The Balmoral

In addition, these hotels have a wide variety of amenities that can make your trip much more enjoyable, such as room service, pools, spa and entertainment areas. If you want to get the absolute most out of your trip, then you shouldn’t worry about spending too much on where you’re staying.


When traveling, many people suggest that you should cut back on spending on food to lower the overall cost of your trip. Although you shouldn’t be eating at Michelin-star restaurants every night, you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending that much on food.

Huang Ting restaurant - Peking duck preparation
Huang Ting restaurant, Peninsula Beijing

When you go to a new location, experiencing the local cuisine and trying out the area’s best restaurants is an important part of your trip. This is especially true if you’re traveling to another country or to an area that is heavily influenced by another culture. Trying out local foods and restaurants is an important part of connecting with a location, so don’t be afraid to splurge in this area to get the full experience. 


Another thing that you shouldn’t be afraid of splurging on when traveling is activities and events. You travel to a location to experience what it has to offer in terms of unique events and attractions. Often, these attractions come with a price, usually for admission or some other fee.

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Dubai

Some people try to budget their travels by only attending free or cheap attractions, greatly limiting what they can do while traveling. While this may work if you’re on a budget, it will make getting the full experience from your vacation destination much harder. I definitely recommend to shell out some extra cash, just to make sure that you experience everything a destination has to offer. 


A common area that people like to save on when traveling is on flights and travel. Many people like taking flights on inopportune days and times, in Economy class, throwing a major wrench in their plans. Indeed, some may take a flight early in the morning, while others may take a redeye flight.

Etihad Airways A380 Business Class

Although these inconvenient flight bookings may save you some money, they can really damper your vacation. No one wants to go through airport security in the crowded line, waiting hours at common areas. Booking a Business class ticket – or even better First – enables to start your luxury travel right at the departure airport.

Choice of airline can be difficult; some companies I personally recommend for Business class are Emirates, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air France or Singapore Airlines.

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