What is Glamping and How to do it Properly?

What is Glamping and How to do it Properly?

Millions of people worldwide enjoy trips to nature and camping in the wilderness. One thing that refrains some people from enjoying this experience is the lack of commodities on the camping site. Adventurers who love the great outdoors but prefer a comfortable bed will avoid sleeping in tents because of this issue. What “glamping” has to do with this ?

As a derivative of the words glamorous and camping comes the term glamping. It’s a luxurious form of camping and is perfect for everyone who loves to be outdoors but prefers sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Glamping in Scotland

If you’re one of those people who would love to try this idea, you must know how to do it. In this article, we share five crucial tips when trying to pull off an amazing glamping experience. Follow up and see what glamping is and how to do it right.

1. Ensure you have the perfect vehicle

You can’t go glamping without a flawless vehicle. You must own a 4×4 truck or UTE that will take you to a marvelous location. Overlooking the city in the nearby mountains, a forest deep in nature where almost no humans ever set foot or someplace else is a must.

Mercedes AMG GelandeVan

Additionally, you need a vehicle that will have the capacity to fit everything you need inside. Aside from driving a big truck with a spacious rear tray, you also need a closet cabinet to protect your belongings from the rough ride and the unpredictable weather.

Most adventurers will opt for a specialized tool box and canopy, like the famous OZY alloy toolbox, which looks glamorous and fits tons of items inside. A powerful vehicle and a great storage space in the back is the perfect combination for a fantastic glamping experience.

2. Get a comfortable tent

The second most valuable issue to mind is the palace you’re sleeping in. When you’re in nature, you spend most of the time outside in the great outdoors, enjoying the numerous benefits it provides, from spectacular sights to breathing fresh air to hanging out with wild animals and birds.

Luxury glamping tent

However, when you’re about to sleep, a comfortable bed is required if you want to call it glamping. Think about your options and pack a king-size bed before taking off from home. There are multiple options, from big comfortable sleeping mats to air beds or mattresses filled with air using a compressor.

3. Create a feeling of home inside the tent

When you set the bed inside the tent, you want to make the feeling as comfortable as possible. Adding several items will make the place look like you’re staying in your own bedroom. Place comfortable bedding, soft pillows, and a few carpets on the floor, and don’t forget the slippers you usually wear. You’ll feel like you’re in your own bedroom when you wake up.

Another dimension of glamping

Another thing to mind is adding several accessories to make the place feel cool. Candles, pictures on the walls, tiny curtains for the windows that will give you extra privacy, and even a remote TV set on which you can binge-watch Netflix series late into the night. When the darkness falls in nature, there’s not much you can do outside, so this is a great idea.

4. Opt for a fully-functional kitchen

Everyone has to eat, no matter where they are. Being in a tent miles away from home or in your comfortable living room, you got to eat at some point. This is one of the things that people who love luxury hotels are most afraid of when going on an outdoor adventure – delicious meals.

Fixed form of glamping tent

There’s a stigma that people who go camping eat whatever they find around or previously cooked meals. This may or may not be true, but when you’re glamping, you should pack the perfect kitchen accessories with luxurious utensils and prepare the perfect meals no matter where they are. If you own the right vehicle, this won’t be a problem.

5. Be prepared for a chilly night

When you’re in the wilderness, nights hit differently. No matter what the temperature on your phone says, you must be prepared for a chilly night. Always pack extra clothes and dress with more layers to protect yourself from the freezing weather.

Outdoor night

Even in a hot summer, the temperature may drop seriously in the mountains and make you extremely uncomfortable. Since you’re opting for a glamping experience, you might want to consider a form of heating inside the tent that will keep temperatures at an ideal level.


These five points show you the little tricks to get things done perfectly and have a flawless glamping trip. Find a suitable vehicle, equip it with the necessary items, and pack the things we talked about. A camping trip is not necessarily time spent as a hermit. You can enjoy luxury if you’re well prepared.

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