Travel Guide To Manila

Travel Guide To Manila

The beautiful city belonging to the picturesque Philippines has lots of highlights to offer and is a favored site for travelers. Its colonial history leads to a mixture of stiles and architecture which is quite impressive to watch. Next to beautiful bays and a harbor, Manila also has a vivid nightlife and provides many spots to party, enjoy the countries’ culinary specialties or for wellness and relaxing.

Lots of attractions guarantee an exciting and varying vacation at the capital city of the Philippines. In this article, we tell you which places you definitely need to visit when going to Manila.

Manila Bay

Sights and tourist attractions

The Philippines are the ultimate travelling site for many explorers all over the world. Manila is situated at the island Luzon and impresses with a beautiful bay. The city constitutes an impressive mixture of Spanish architecture from the colonial era and modern towers. An especially famous quarter is Intramuros. Being completely surrounded by walls, Intramuros as the center of the city is definitely worth visiting.

Church St. Augustin

Due to earthquakes and wars, Manila’s cathedral has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. In 1958, it was reconstructed for the last time and shares now neo-romanticist stiles. The baroque church St. Augustin, a relic from the sixteenth century, belongs to the UNESCO world heritage and was rebuilt three times as well.

Fort Santiago

Another historically interesting place is Fort Santiago. Once, the palace of the Philippine King Rajah Sulayman stood there, the last indigenous sovereign. After being destroyed in 1570 by the conquistadors who annexed large parts of the territory, the fortress was built. This highly traditional site is interesting for each history fan and the old and massive construction is quite impressive to watch.

Manila nightlife – entertainment at its best

The city is known for its vivid nightlife. Several clubs and bars give hope for unforgettable party nights. The Valkyrie is the biggest night club on the island. It provides room for 2000 people and comprises two floors with electronic dance music. Another highly recommended nightlife destination is The Palace.

The Valkyrie Club

It has several clubs, such as a day club, a night club, a luxury lounge as well as bars and restaurants, offering everything the heart desires. Next to famous bars and clubs, the City of Dreams is another location worth visiting. The luxurious resort comprises a hotel and a casino. Apart from classics like blackjack, roulette and poker, sports betting is quite popular and common. This option was established in order to compete with online betting portals such as Websites like this compare existing sport betting providers and make up a ranking with the best conditions and offers.

Nightlife in Manila

Hence, the customer spares lots of time and can easily chose the recommended homepage for his betting. Actually, the range of options and sport betting is truly larger online than in local casinos. However, the City of Dreams offers a huge variety of games for manifold fun.


The Philippines are known for their culinary specialties. The influence of different countries, including Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and the United States, created a huge variety of food. A diverse spice palette creates fantastic recipes such as spicy curry and a Philippine delicacy, Bicol Express – pork with coconut milk, ginger, onion, garlic and red chili.

Taste of Manila

A huge number of delicious dishes can be enjoyed in one of the cozy restaurants. Especially The Bayleaf Hotel can be highly recommended. The restaurant on the Sky Deck offers a beautiful view on the sea and is perfect for a pleasant evening for two. The Harbor View Restaurant is also quite popular. It provides a huge variety of food and impresses with its elegant decoration. The impressive view is perfect both for party people and for creating a romantic atmosphere for couples.

Weather and Climate

The climate on the Philippines is largely influenced by its proximity to the sea. Throughout the whole year, the weather is hot and humid. The location in the tropical area and the moderating temperatures of the adjacent sea affect that there are hardly seasonal variations regarding temperatures.

Beach on Entalula Island

In most places, the temperatures rank from 24 to 31 degree. The only distinction which can be made is between the dry season which lasts from December to May and the rainy season, beginning in June and ending in November. The typhoon season – August until October – affects mainly the north and the center of the Philippines, including Manila. Hence, the best time to visit the beautiful city is between December and May when its dry and slightly colder.

Thus, spending the winter and spring season in the sunny and warm area of the Philippines and enjoying the beach is a good idea.

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