Things To Never Forget While Planning A Desert Safari in Dubai

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Dubai is famous around the world for its dreamy desert landscape. Trips and tours to the desert are common all year. However, the peak season for desert safari in Dubai is definitely the winter season. Also this is why the city sees heightened tourist activity during the winter season as well. Think and hire Nissan Patrol in Dubai when planning a desert safari!

You will need to pack and bring many other things to make your trip to the desert more convenient. The desert is a dry, unforgiving place… So, all the right things should always be packed before traveling. Here are a few things you should never forget when on a Dubai desert safari.

Bring the Right Clothing

Loose, lightweight, and breathable clothing is a must when in the desert heat. Also, wear long sleeves and pants to protect yourself from the sun. If you are visiting the desert during daylight hours, make sure to wear clothing that covers all of your skin. Sunlight in the desert is very harsh, no matter the season.

Pack the Right Sun Protection

Sunscreen with high SPF is absolutely necessary when visiting the desert during daylight hours. The sun attracts many people to the desert. However, it can be fatal to travel without sun protection. Skincare protection is key! Also, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat with shield your eyes and face from the harsh rays as well.

dubai safari desert
Sun protection is key during a Dubai desert safari

Comfortable Footwear Is Necessary

A trip to the desert is nothing like a trip to the beach. Although both trips will have lots of sand, desert sand is entirely different. Closed shoes or sandals with ankle support tend to work the best. The desert terrain will be uneven and not so easy to navigate. So, suitable footwear ensures comfort and safety.

Scarf to Cover Up Property

The desert climate isn’t exactly unpredictable. However, it can be surprising if you don’t know it well. High, hot winds can come out of nowhere. So, a lightweight scarf can be very helpful to cover your face properly. A scarf is also a versatile accessory for adjusting to temperature changes in the desert.

A Lot of Water for Hydration

If you are going to the desert with a tour company, they will provide water. However, it is always advisable to bring your own as well. The desert will be dry and very unforgiving. Natural or manmade sources of water will be scarce. Also, staying hydrated in the desert will be a major safety concern.

Pack Adequate Snacks for the Trip

Packing some snacks for the journey is very important. Depending on where you will be visiting in the desert, the distance can be very long. So, pack some tasty consumables when packing for the desert safari. However, be mindful of waste and dispose of any wrappers responsibly.

dubai safari desert food
Dubai desert food

Arrive in the Right Car

Desert safari trips in Dubai will only be as comfortable as your car or luxury SUV. Also, considering the number of people on the safari and your luggage are important. Rent the right SUV if you don’t personally own one. Also, foreigners can rent SUVs as well. Make sure to understand parking charges in Dubai clearly, too.

Nissan Patrol Platinum
Nissan Patrol Platinum

Backpack to Store Your Essentials

Snacks, desert maps, smartphones, and many other belongings will be on you when visiting the desert. Also, pockets might not be enough to carry all this stuff. So, make sure to bring a backpack to carry your essentials. A backpack is also convenient for carrying items like a camera, water, and additional clothing.

First Aid Kit

The desert will be a very unforgiving place. You never know when you pick up a small bruise or scratch when on a desert safari. So, bring a basic first aid kit at the very least. Also, there will be no pharmacies in sight as well. Pack any medication you might be on as well.

Don’t Forget a Power Bank

Different people will like to bring different electronic devices when on a Dubai desert safari. Modern cars and SUVs will do a fine job of powering most of your electronics. However, bringing along a high-capacity power bank is very convenient. It will charge your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops comfortably.

Clothing for the Day and Night

Temperatures in the day and night will vary quite drastically in the desert. Daylight hours will be quite warm, whereas the night hours will be unexpectedly cooler. So, bring the right clothing for your stay. If you plan to stay overnight, pack light sweaters for everyone coming along as well.

Identification Documents

The desert is a very vast place. So, it is important to arrive fully prepared. Also, local authorities keep a close check on things in the rough terrain as well. Make sure to bring your identification documents when visiting the desert. Foreigners should bring their passports and ID card documents necessarily.

dubai safari desert

Final Words

Planning a trip to the desert in Dubai is undoubtedly very exciting. However, selecting the right time to visit the desert and packing the right things are essential steps for a convenient trip. Make sure to bring all of these abovementioned things when planning a Dubai desert safari. Also, come with a local experienced Dubai tour guide if you haven’t been to the desert before for safety.

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