The Top Things To Do On A Luxury Cruise

luxury cruise

Cruises became a popular way of taking a vacation during the 1950’s, at a time where socializing, dining and fine fashion were all symbols of an elite social status. Today, cruises are just as popular and luxurious, however thanks to technology, the boats are far more advanced and have an abundance of entertainment. Luxury pools with slides, surf simulators, movie theaters, shopping malls, climbing walls and so much more… Let’s see what to do while on a luxury cruise.

If you’re considering a cruise but aren’t quite sure what to expect, or you’ve divided to dip your toe into the world of cruising and have already booked your first cruise, below we’ll take a look at some of the top things you can do on a luxury cruise.

Explore one of the pools

Larger cruise ships often have multiple pools, just like you would find at a resort. There may be an indoor spa pool for adults only, accompanied by a tranquil spa area alongside luxury treatments and a quiet place to get through that book you’ve been carrying around for days.

Pool on luxury cruise ship

There will also be an outdoor pool that may offer aqua fitness classes, as well as other forms of entertainment like water slides and evening movie showings. These are a great way to get the kids occupied for the evening. There may also be a pool just for smaller children too.

If you’re traveling as an adult only party, perhaps look for cruise ships that offer an adult only pool with a luxurious waiter service so that you can order drinks right to your sunbed.

Visit the Casino

Many large cruise ships have a casino onboard, offering a wealth of games from poker tables to baccarat, roulette and even the latest electronic slot games. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening of betting your luck at the ship’s glamorous casino while enjoying the latest cocktails from the bar.

Casino area
Casino area

If you’ve had a busy day exploring off the cruise ship, you might want to spend your evening in a more relaxed way. If this is the case, try an online casino from the luxury of your room where you can access all of the same games, only they’re more interactive, the jackpot prizes and bigger, and you don’t even need to take off your robe and slippers.

Try out a specialist restaurant

Luxury cruise ships often have a whole variety of restaurants to keep guests entertained. Why not try a hibachi restaurant where you sit around a communal table with fellow shipmates and watch your food being prepared by an expert chef on an open grill.

Onboard fine-dining restaurant
Onboard fine-dining restaurant

Alternatively, seek out a cuisine you have never tried before such as a Japanese restaurant, a sushi bar, or a Caribbean affair. While away from home, it’s the perfect time to try out the foods you wouldn’t usually opt for. What’s best is that luxury cruise ships often employ the most talented chefs from around the world so you will be in for a real treat.

Take advantage of the kids club

Just like a land-based resort, cruise ships usually offer age appropriate kids clubs where the kids can go for fun packed activities. They’ll be safe in the hands of expert carers, entertained by great activities and will get the chance to mingle with other children onboard and make new friends.

Travelling with kids
Travelling with kids

In the meantime, take the time to catch up with your partner while the kids are having fun and schedule in some quality time together. Even if it’s watching a movie in your room, simple moments alone can make the most impactful memories.

Visit the shore excursions desk

Want to make the most of your time on the shore? As the ship only stops for a limited amount of time, it’s best to plan ahead what you’re going to do in each location as leaving it to the last minute to organize could be stressful and you may be disappointed by booked up tours.

Attend a destination seminar

Many cruise ships offer seminars on the destinations you are visiting. These offer an opportunity to learn about the place where you’re going, as well as getting a heads up about the best places to visit and any local or cultural practices to be aware of.

Overall, luxury cruises offer the best kind of vacation as you get to relax and explore, helping to make everyone in your party happy. Not to mention, you’re going on one vacation but get to tick multiple destinations off your bucket list. So, what are you waiting for?

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