Take a Luxury Motorcycle Trip Around the Three Passes of Switzerland

Take a Luxury Motorcycle Trip Around the Three Passes of Switzerland

The beautiful European country of Switzerland is renowned for its vast lakes, picturesque villages, and high peaks. Famous for its Swiss watches and delicious chocolate, Switzerland is visited by travellers from all over the world every year, hoping to get a slice of Swiss paradise passing through the Three Passes.

If you fancy experiencing some of the magic of the mountains uniquely and thrillingly, why not try taking on the Three Passes of Switzerland by motorbike?  

Preparing for the Trip

Before setting off on your adventure, there are a few essential things you want to make sure you have in order. This way you can take-off on your motorcycle worry-free and throw yourself into the trip of a lifetime.

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland

Make sure you have a reliable motorcycle that is comfortable, suited to your needs, and is covered by motorbike insurance. It is recommended that you head to a comparison website which is where you can find cheap motorbike insurance deals. This will save time and money to focus on the Swiss treats you will be indulging in! 

It is also advisable that you invest in the right gear. You want to be comfortable as well as travel in style. Think heated gloves, luxury leathers, and a good hard-wearing helmet. 

What’s on the Route?

Setting off on this route is great whether you are a motorcycle pro or a novice. This is a round trip that begins and ends in Andermatt. The route is relatively easy to navigate covering the three Alpine passes of Susten, Furka, and Grimsel. 

Furka Pass, Switzerland

On the Grimsel, hop off your bikes and take in the popular attraction of the emerald blue lakes. The Grimsel lake is well known for being man-made, but this doesn’t compromise its beauty. 

You might recognise the Furka Pass from James Bond’s Goldfinger. So, make like a secret agent and enjoy this part of the trail that includes some of the steepest ascents and tightest turns on this route. 

And finally, on the Susten route which some argue is the best of the three. You will ascend 11 miles through tunnels and over bridges taking in the breath-taking views of snowy peaks and ancient rock formations. 

Places You Can Stay

In the heart of the Urseran Valley is the village of Andermatt where you will set off from and return to. There’s plenty of great accommodation here that we recommend looking into in advance of your ride to ensure you get a good night’s sleep pre-adventure and a cosy room to come back to on your return. 

The Chedi, Andermatt, Switzerland

The Chedi boasts luxury rooms, two restaurants, and a spa. What better way to relax after a day out in the mountains than blissing out in a sauna? 

Most of the route is open year-round, although due to the climate of Switzerland, snowfall and ice can interrupt motorcycle trips in the winter months. If the idea of a trip to stay in a luxury hotel and a motorcycle journey has got the adventurer in you excited, then we recommend doing some of your own research and planning before you set off to make sure you can make the most of this amazing trip. 

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