My Travel Rewards Club: A Necessity for a Luxury Travel Lifestyle

My Travel Rewards Club: A Necessity for a Luxury Travel Lifestyle

Those who crave a luxury travel lifestyle may be interested in joining a travel club to enjoy high-end vacations and other benefits in a way that is cost-effective. There are so many travel clubs to choose from, but is a level above the rest. I took a closer look at this new and exclusive club to see what it has to offer members. offers an impressive portfolio of member benefits including competitive pricing on hotels, resorts, cruises, and more. Members also have access to a full-service concierge that can create a customized vacation itinerary unique to your wants and needs on each traveling venture.

My Travel Rewards Membership

Becoming a My Travel Rewards Club member gives you access to exclusive, lavish travel experiences and plenty of other incomparable benefits. The ability to customize your experience starts with choosing a membership tier. There is a Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership option, each with its own set perks. The Platinum membership is the top tier that gives you the most discounts and rewards.

My Travel Rewards Club offers discounted access to many luxury resorts

All memberships offer a percentage off standard rates, a percentage back in travel credits from booking vacations, and a set number of family and friends that you can add on the account to utilize your travel perks.

A High-Value Travel Rewards Program

Not only do My Travel Rewards Club members get discounts on hotels, resorts, and cruise vacations, but they also have the opportunity to earn Travel Rewards back to use towards more travel opportunities.

Use your credits to book hotels, resorts or cruises

This comprehensive rewards program allows members to earn a percentage of credits back to use on future vacations. Each membership tier earns back a different percentage. Each Travel Rewards credit is equal to $1 and can be used to book cruises, hotels, or resort weeks. These rewards never expire, so members can save up as much as they want to use on the high-end getaway of their dreams.

A Full-Service Concierge to Craft an Ideal Itinerary

As part of a truly luxurious membership, My Travel Rewards Club offers a full-service concierge available to members 24/7. This is one of the most unique services offered by the club and makes the traveling experiences that much richer.

Full-service concierge service

Members work with the concierge to craft their dream vacation itinerary. Anything one would desire to see while vacationing, the concierge can find the best tours, entertainment options, concert tickets, restaurants, tee times, spa treatments, and much more to fill up a vacation catered to the member’s needs. The concierge will do all the booking to ensure everything is set up for the perfect getaway. And as a club member, you get access to unique tours and experiences at great rates.

Great Travel Deals and Endless Benefits

The reason people seek out travel clubs is to get the best deals on a variety of travel experiences. offers the most competitive rates on flights, hotels, resort weeks, cruises, and rental cars. They are able to do this by privately negotiating rates with top-name hospitality brands and providing members with a wide range of vacation options.

Book the most upscale holidays with My Travel Rewards Club is truly a one-stop shop for creating and booking upscale vacation experiences. The club provides members with the services and options to expertly craft every aspect of travel, from providing great rates on airfare and rental cars to offering impressive discounts on cruises, resorts, tours, and excursions—they provide everything you need. Those looking to take their travel experiences to the next level should look no further.
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