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Menorca beach

As we head into spring, you’re likely looking ahead to the warmer months. So, have you planned your summer getaway yet? If you’re organising a family holiday, finding the perfect destination that ticks all the boxes can be a challenge. However, there’s one destination that’s sure to suit everyone. Menorca is the perfect family getaway, nestled in the Mediterranean, for a week away from the everyday.  

The Beaches

Menorca might be one of the smaller Balearic Islands, offering a laidback, low-key choice for a holiday, but it packs some spectacular beaches along its shore. There are glittering shallow waters for little ones to play in and golden sands to wander along.

Cap de Favaritx sunset lighthouse cape in Mahon at Balearic Islands of Spain

You’ll find the largest beach on the island’s south coast. Son Bou is an open expanse, a 1.5-mile-long stretch of sand that draws tourists and locals alike. Hire a pedalo or try your hand at jet skiing while on Son Bu Beach.

Should you want a more secluded escape, the north coast is home to the hidden gem of Cala Presili, Es Grau. This is one of the quieter beaches on the island, making it the perfect spot if you want some family time away from the crowds. Remember to pack a picnic as you venture to this idyllic spot.

The Climate

With temperatures reaching up to 30°C, Menorca is the right level of warmth for enjoyable outdoor activities without being uncomfortably hot, especially for little ones.

However, for families who prefer a more private retreat or have varied interests beyond the beach, renting a villa offers the ideal base. Relax at your own pace, soak up the sun by your private pool, and enjoy the beautiful weather from the comfort of your home away from home.


A family holiday can often feel like a daunting task, particularly when it comes to the journey itself – and especially if you’re trying to travel with a baby or toddler. As well as trying to work out how to pack enough snacks and entertainment to keep everyone occupied, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping within your baggage allowance.

But Menorca offers a convenient escape for families, with flights taking around 2.5 hours on average from departure in Europe to arrival. This makes getting away for a week or so easy and accessible. You’ll be soaking up the Mediterranean sun in no time!


Beyond its beautiful beaches, Menorca is brimming with engaging activities that promise to captivate both young and old alike. Explore the island’s rich history and culture by visiting landmarks such as the Ciutadella de Menorca Cathedral and Fortalesa La Mola, an impressive fortress that was completed in 1875.

Menorca, Balearic Islands
Menorca, Balearic Islands

Whatever you have planned for your big family getaway you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience when you take a trip to Menorca.

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