Luxurious Adventure: Guide to Cruising the Galapagos Islands

Luxurious Adventure: Guide to Cruising the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a dream destination. Nothing compares to the joy of observing the unusual environment of these islands, getting to know the locals, experiencing the wildlife, and spending time on the beautiful white-sand beaches. Let’s highlight how to experience the luxurious way of traveling to the islands and start a cruising adventure. 

The Galapagos Island archipelago is the homeland of many endemic species. And most of these species are fearless due to their lack of natural predator presence and how they evolved. You can see a lot of flightless cormorants, flamingos, penguins, inflatable frigate birds, clownish boobies, giant tortoises, and many more.

Galapagos iguana

Whether you are thinking of finally visiting the Galapagos we’d recommend a luxurious adventure by embarking on a luxury cruise ship with Aqua Expeditions. It is an awesome way to experience the Galapagos while being of utmost comfort. Additionally, you can learn more about the history of the islands, how Charles Darwin spent some time there and what led to his theory of evolution. Let’s talk about the cruising journey to this mesmerizing destination.

More About the Trip

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located on the equator in the Pacific Ocean. They are 600 miles west of Ecuador and can be found in the southern, northern, and western hemispheres. You can reach some of the unreachable spots there via a boat tour or an organized and guided trip from your luxury cruise line.

Galapagos Islands

There are 13 major islands surrounded by rocks, one of them is named Darwin after Charles Darwin. 

A Land or Cruise?

We would always recommend booking a cruise, whether it is a luxury one or a regular one. There’s no denying that cruising around the islands is the best way to explore the true lifestyle and landscapes. With the unspoiled wilderness and pristine weather conditions, you can enjoy your vacation at the maximum.


Cruises tend to offer a lot of guided tours and visits to the passengers, so you can get a more immersive experience and see the wildlife

Why Should You Choose A Cruise?

You should remember that if you want to visit Galapagos, the trip will not be cheap. It’s an expensive place to visit no matter which traveling option you choose. Stretching your budget to take a Galapagos cruise can be a life-changing decision, so make sure you’ve got everything under control. Choosing a cruise that is right for you is important. Ships are generally luxury-priced and for those who want to go scuba diving or see the outer islands, the prices can get higher. 

Select carefully your yacht

You can opt for a luxury yacht that will offer you a custom-made Galapagos experience. The cabin amenities in such a yacht include fine linens, modern decor, climate-controlled rooms, docking station, Apple TV, tea and espresso makers, safety deposit boxes, and much more. 

Additional amenities you can enjoy are the lounge area, fitness center, sundeck, and library area. Laundry services and Wi-Fi are always available. 


A lot of luxury cruise lines offer additional packages and activities you can attend. Among the activities are guided walks alongside the lava fields and the cliffs, relaxing days on the beautiful beaches snorkeling at the Marine reserve… Or simply enjoy a glass of Champagne from the deck!


If you are sport-oriented, then for sure you will find amazing kayaking, paddle boarding and many more opportunities. In the evenings you can lounge at some of the restaurants or on the sundeck while you enjoy the sunsets. 

Additional Tips

Do not pack too much clothing. You don’t need five pairs of jeans or ten pairs of shoes. The staterooms are not very big for huge suitcases, so it’s best you arrange your luggage as light as possible. However, you can bring one formal dress and get ready for a formal night in one of the lounge bars.

Packing clothes

Disconnect from the phone service and turn off your devices whenever you are cuisine since you might pay additional fees. Involve yourself in the games and shows, arrange your schedule, activities and just enjoy!

Get ready for a big bar tab. Meaning, you can get unlimited drink packages for a certain price. If you are on a big drink vacation, it can be a smart choice to purchase some of these packages.

And more importantly, do not overeat yourself. Even though the lounge bars and restaurants offer unlimited food options, make sure you embed a balanced diet.

Best Time to Visit Galapagos

If you want to have the ultimate cruising experience, it’s important to choose the season you’ll visit Galapagos. The best time is between December and May when the rainy season lasts. These months offer beautiful weather conditions and sunny days.

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