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Australia has always been a bucket list destination for travelers who have the budget to cope with the long-haul flights and the expensive hotels. But over the past years, it also became a magnet for high net worth migrants looking for premium standards of living. Wondering what the high life in Melbourne looks like? Read this article.

Sydney has traditionally been the city where the rich and famous congregate. That’s understandable as it is Australia’s business center.  However, it is rapidly being caught up by Melbourne, which has historically been seen more as the cultural hub.

Whether you are visiting for a week or looking to settle down, the high life in Melbourne is just amazing.

The best in luxury accommodation

Whether you want cosmopolitan five-star luxury in the heart of the city, a quirky boutique accommodation or something special… The high life in Melbourne can deliver.

High life in Melbourne
The Langham Melbourne, Australia

The Langham is situated in the heart of the city, and the building’s upper part has amazing views across the skyline. You’ll find all the usual trappings including valet parking, a spa, a swimming pool and a choice of fine-dining options. It is the hotel of choice for the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso when the F1 circus comes to town, and also boasts the likes of Kanye West, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair among its regular guests.

For something more subtle, The Olsen is a boutique hotel with exceptional service – Justin Bieber’s hang out of choice. It’s only suites here, so the clientele is usually among the top two percenters, and everything about the place is focused on luxury.

If you’d rather commune with nature, Billabong Falls is a highly exclusive retreat less than an hour’s drive from downtown Melbourne. It offers luxury accommodation with your own private waterfall and little luxuries like fresh homemade bread on arrival.

Top entertainment for VIP high rollers at Australia’s biggest casino

For years, Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast was the King of the Casinos in Australia, but no longer. The Crown looms over the city of Melbourne, and with its 43 floors, is the tallest building in Australia. 

Playing the pokies has been an integral part of Australian culture for the past 70 years. While many cost-conscious Australians are opting for the dozens of free online pokies in Australia that can be found online these days, those looking for a luxury night out among the high rollers are more likely to don their dinner jackets or cocktail dresses and enjoy the opulence of the Crown.

The casino boasts more than 2,000 slot games and 14 different table games. There’s also the famous Mahogany Room, a place of mystery and legend where Aussie millionaires and betting whales from across the globe win and lose thousands on the turn of a card.

The most prestigious golf club in Australia

Australians love their sport, from cricket to Aussie Rules football to soccer. But there’s no better way to combine competition and high end living than at a golf club. Royal Melbourne is ranked the top private golf course in Australia and the sixth in the world.

high life in melbourne
Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Australia

To join the club, you need to be nominated by a current member and then go through a vetting process so that the club can be confident you are of good standing. Alternatively, guests are welcome by invitation and can play on the East or West course on payment of green fees. Welcome to the high life in Melbourne!

World class dining experiences

Remember, Melbourne is the nation’s art capital. For those who see food as art, there are some stunning restaurants around the city. To name them all would take a week, but we’ll just touch on a few examples.

Dinner by Heston Heston Blumenthal is the mad professor of fine dining. His original restaurant, The Fat Duck in Bray, England, is one of the most expensive places to eat in the world. Heston has brought the same mixture of science and sorcery to Melbourne – it is certainly different.

Vue du Monde Located on the top of Rialto Building, this is the place with best city views. The renowned chef and author Shannon Bennett is Creative Director, and the menu focuses on indigenous ingredients that include wallaby, wattleseed and finger limes.

Flower Drum Established in 1975, this iconic restaurant in China Town is renowned for its elegance and exceptional Chinese cuisine. Classics like Peking duck are taken to a new level, while seafood specialties include lobster and abalone.

MinamishimaThe most famous sushi restaurant in Melbourne has only 12 seats, so you’ll need to book well in advance. There is no menu, the omakase serving style means the chef decides what to serve you. It’s a unique experience, and if you like sake, there are some great pairings waiting for you.

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