How To Plan Your First Golf Trip

How To Plan Your First Golf Trip

Golfing is one of the most popular sports worldwide and an excellent hobby. Playing it in different places is exhilarating, especially hitting the greens on a beautiful day. Traveling to play allows you to explore courses with outstanding features and interact with like-minded golf enthusiasts. But what are the steps to consider while preparing your golf trip?

If you’re taking a trip for the first time, it’d help to know what you should prepare for in advance to enable you to enjoy your trip. With that said, below are six tips for planning your first golf trip.

1. Find The Right Golf Resort 

It’d help to find the right golf resort to make your reservations on time. There are numerous options like the ones renowned golfers have used. These resorts are typically luxurious, maximizing your golfing experience. Below are critical factors to assist you in finding the right golf resort.

Sotogrande Golf resort, Spain
  • The amenities offered: The resort you select should preferably have state-of-the-art amenities, starting with first-rate golf courses and lavish accommodation and dining facilities.
  • The resort’s location: It’d help to find a resort close to the golf course. Or you can find a resort with a play-and-stay option. Some of them have excellent offers if you stay in their resorts. Ensure you book them early to get a spot, as they can be fully booked sometimes. 
  • Honest pricing: Considering you’re looking for a classy place, find one that’ll give you transparent pricing on their packages. Some may include additional charges like clang, taxes, or royalty prices as soon as you get to the place without telling you in advance. Transparent fees enable you to budget accurately and avoid financial surprises.
  • The difficulty of the courses: You can pick various challenging courses to help you hone your golfing skills, especially the ones popular golfers have played.

Picking the right golf resort will help you get a splendid and enjoyable place you can golf in. 

2. Choose Your Destination

You can go to numerous famous golf destinations like the ones in Scotland, Ireland, Spain, and the United States to try out their courses. Thus, decide whether you’d like to golf in your country or another. Pick your destination based on the climatic conditions of the area. i.e., whether you want a warm, cool, or humid place. 

Golf court in Asia

Besides, check if the courses have intriguing features. You may go for the seaside ones which are situated near an elegant water feature. Though the wind may be a problem. Another option is a link course with dunes, rugged breezes, or other hindrances. It can be an excellent option if you’d like to try a difficult place. Then, there’s a parkland which typically has trees and is an excellent option if you adore nature’s beauty. Moreover, you can look into the quality and number of golf courses in the area. 

3. Pack For The Trip Appropriately 

As a golfer, having all the golfing accessories for your trip is best. Thus, ensure you pack accordingly for your trip. To begin with, consider choosing stylish outfits for your trip to make you stand out. You can look into various trendy patterned pullovers, flat caps, and stretchy trousers.

Golf equipment

Ensure it’ll be appropriate for the weather condition in your place. Besides the outfits, you need to carry your golf clubs, sunscreen, tee, sunglasses, golfing shoes, divot equipment, and socks. You also need to carry a strong golf club bag to safeguard your golfing equipment from damage. 

4. Invite Your Golf Friends 

To make the most out of your golf trip, consider inviting your friends for the trip. You can each work together to try and come up with ideas to help maximize your experience. You can inform your friends earlier so they can see if they’ll take it for the trip.

5. Create A Budget 

Your budget is essential if you’d like to golf. Even though your aim is luxury, you shouldn’t spend much money on the trip. Know how much you can spend and still have a classy trip. Thus, you need to consider the transportation costs i.e., the plane ticket, green fees, where you’ll stay, the course you’ll play on, and where you’ll dine. Once you have a budget, you can start looking for destinations that fit your budget. 

Playing golf

Once you’ve booked your accommodation, you must arrange transportation. Depending on your destination and the number of people in your group. You may want to rent a car or hire a driver. This will allow you to travel comfortably and efficiently from one golf course to another, and back to your hotel. By planning ahead and keeping your budget in mind, you can make the most out of your golf trip without overspending.


Golfing on a new course enables you to try new places and challenge yourself from the fields you’re used to at home. Thus, take your time to find a resort with the types of courses you’d like to try out. It should also have excellent features and luxurious amenities to relish your stay. You’ll leave the place having enjoyed the benefits of playing golf.

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