How To Plan The Ultimate Adventure In Canada’s Vast Wilderness

Canada adventure

Canada is known for its spectacular wilderness, with every landscape worth portraying in a painting. Not only it is beautiful, but it is also the perfect playground for those who enjoy adventure themselves and explore new, maybe untouched grounds. Yet, as it happens with any outdoor adventure in Canada, it is necessary to prepare yourself well before exploring its wilderness as it can be very dangerous for those unready. Let’s see what you can do to get ready for this wild trip and enjoy every moment safely.

1. Research and Pick Your Destination

First of all, you obviously need to research with great attention all the places you’re interested in going to. Consider your interests and desired activities, such as hiking, wildlife spotting, getting to know the tourist attractions, etc. There are activities for every single interest, that’s for sure.

Canada adventure
Canoeing in Canada

Once you find out what you want to do and where research the level of difficulty of that place. For example, there’s hiking involved? How hard it is? Take into consideration your previous experiences and don’t flatter yourself on the matter, your life is too precious to risk with bad judgment of the danger that the wilderness can bring.

2. Consider the Season Before Making Your Final Decision

Before deciding for good when you want to go, check which your destination is safer and/or more beautiful. Also, remember that some activities are season-specific; they won’t be in more than one season. For example, skiing and snowshoeing are unique to the winter. However, picnics and hiking are perfect summer activities, and so go on. 

Canada adventure
Autumn in Canada

A wonderful place to visit at any given season is the Canadian Rockies, one of the most known landscape attractions in the world. You certainly have seen many paintings and pictures portraying them; it would be a crime to go to Canada and not visit them. Therefore, check out the Canadian Rockies tour to have the best experience possible… And spare yourself the problem of planning this particular adventure in Canada!

3. Accommodation and Transportation

Secure lodging well in advance, whether it’s a cozy cabin, a secluded campground, or a bed and breakfast, a great choice if you want to spare some coins. Pick the accommodation taking into consideration your budget and how far it is from the places that you want to visit since you may spend a lot of money on transportation.

Canada adventure
ATV adventure in Canada

Yet, there are some ways to save up some dollars. You may rent a vehicle if anyone in your party has a great experience with driving. Also, having your vehicle gives you a lot of flexibility to do your exploration at your own pace. However, guided tours are a great choice if you want convenience and local expertise.

In the end, what’s important to verify is how much you can spend – don’t forget to make a budget for food! – and what you’re looking for, if it’s the flexibility and independence of having your car or if it’s the very specific and unique knowledge of the local expertise.

4. Pack Essentials

Remember to take everything essential with you; this way you both save money and don’t get desperate trying to buy stuff you urgently need. Take sturdy footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent, a first aid kit, your documents, your hygiene kit, and other necessities for a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

5. Plan Your Activities

Planning is a great part of an adventure in Canada. It’ll save you money since you’ll have all the activities, food, and places figured out and planned. It’ll also save you a lot of precious time. Sometimes, it is awful to spend hours during your trip just checking Google and trying to find somewhere to go. Besides, several places are reservation-only and usually have a long line of clients waiting, so reserve whatever you can.

6. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Even with this planning and preparation, remember that unexpected things will happen, especially since you’re prioritizing to see and adventure yourself in the wilderness. Nature cannot be controlled, doesn’t matter how hard you try. Therefore, stay constantly informed about weather and trail conditions, as well as potential hazards. Carry navigation tools, emergency supplies, and a communication device.

Canada adventure
Encountering wildlife in Canada

Always let multiple people know your itinerary before venturing into the wilderness and give them a deadline so they’ll know that, if you’re not home by that hour, there’s something wrong. That way they’ll start looking for you soon enough which is essential when you’re dealing with the wild. 

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