Visiting Hong Kong & Macau

Visiting Hong Kong & Macau
Hong Kong is an historical city with an exceptional urban design that represents a very pleasant retreat for skyscrapers lovers, while Macau is really the place to be in Asia for gambling. Here are our advises for a short ride there.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Pacific Place

Hong Kong – Pacific Place

Composed of many islands, Hong Kong is a very interesting place to visit especially for westerners who are not used to see such landscape and skyline. City center is split between Central district – island side – and Kowloon district – China side – which both have amazing tourist spots and luxury residences to stay in.

Hong Kong - View from the Peak

Hong Kong – View from the Peak

The very first thing to visit in Hong Kong is obviously Victoria Harbour and its skyscrapers whatever from the Exhibition Centre – Central side – or the Avenue of Stars – Kowloon side – to enjoy stunning views. Have a perfect sunny day with blue sky is quite rare in that region but we were lucky and took lot of pictures; however for sure walking in the city by a humid 34°C in summer is not easy and you must be prepared to endure it. Then I definitely recommend to have a tour at The Peak, the culminating spot in Hong Kong from where you can admire the city with an exceptional 360° view. A must-do by night!

Hong Kong - Exhibition Park

Hong Kong – Exhibition Park

Regarding luxury hotels, both side have stunning places but I would particularly advise The Upper House in Central and the Peninsula Hong Kong close to Kowloon Park which are close to shopping malls and walking distance from many tourist points.


Macau - Galaxy mall entrance

Macau – Galaxy mall entrance

After a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong with Turbojet, we arrived at Macau – the Chinese Las Vegas – where outrageousness meets crazyness. Buildings have surprising shapes, colors and a kind of Disney-like feeling that can be disturbing at the beginning; few minutes spent there make you realize that everything is normal for a place fully dedicated to games, entertainment and  gambling!

Macau - Banyan Tree pool

Macau – Banyan Tree pool

We stayed at Banyan Tree hotel in Galaxy Macau, a new luxury shopping-gambling-hotels complex in Taipai district that recreates a gigantic golden castle close to another complex, Venetian, with Venice canals. That’s nice for taking a break during week end and enjoying sunny time, however I would not stay more than 2 nights there.  You can complete the Macau experience touring inside the historical center on the other side of Outer Harbour, base jumping from Macau Tower or simply gambling at MGM resort.

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