Discover the Ultimate Luxury: Chartering a Private Yacht in Croatia

private yacht in croatia

If you are searching for a luxurious way of exploring the Croatian coastline and islands, a Croatian yacht charter might be the perfect answer to all your desires. Indeed, with more than a thousand islands and picturesque coastal towns, the country is an ultimate yachting destination during all seasons. Let’s have a look at chartering a private yacht in Croatia.

Whether you decide to explore Croatia with your friends or family, the natural beauty of this Mediterranean gem will take your breath away.

Renting a Private Yacht in Croatia

Exploring the coast of Croatia on a private catamaran yacht charter has multiple advantages. This type of travel is designed to be completely customized according to your wishes. Indeed, this is your private voyage and there are no other passengers! Moreover, experienced crew members will take care of navigation and make sure that everything goes according to your expectations. They will be there to turn your Croatian adventure into an unforgettable memory.

If you have experience in sailing and want to make your journey completely private. There is also an option of a bareboat charter in Croatia: you can be your own skipper. So nobody except you and your fellow travellers would be onboard. Not for amateur!

No matter which travel style you decide to go for, charter yachts are usually equipped with luxury and comfortable cabins. Not to mention modern amenities that will make your time on the boat exciting and fun!

Sailing Croatia: Experience the Luxury

Due to its untouched beauty, historic towns, and peaceful beaches, Croatia’s Adriatic coast is a top choice for yacht lovers. There are many mesmerizing destinations you should add to your travel list, but here are some that you shouldn’t miss.

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its stunning medieval walls and historic architecture provide a picturesque backdrop that even enchanted the producers of the famous series Game of Thrones who turned it into King’s Landing. While you’re at Dubrovnik, use this chance to visit nearby islands such as Lokrum and the Elaphiti Islands.

Split, the second-biggest city in Croatia, is a thriving centre of both history and culture. The UNESCO World Heritage landmark Diocletian’s Palace is a must-see. The city’s Riva promenade is vibrating with tourists during the season. From Split, you can take a short sail and visit the nearby islands of Brac, Hvar, and Vis.

Hvar, the most popular Croatian Island, offers a combination of lively nightlife, fine dining, and beautiful beaches that make it an unforgettable destination for those exploring Croatia by yacht. Some of the most popular clubs are located on this vibrant island, and if you’re looking for a good time, Hvar is a place to go. In addition to that, Hvar Town, with its historic architecture is the cultural and social heart of the island of Hvar and the island’s coastline is dotted with pristine beaches and secluded coves, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

No matter which destination in Croatia you choose to sail with your yacht it’s guaranteed that you will have the luxury experience of your life.

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