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Greek Islands

Greece has a staggering number of islands. While it is wonderful to be spoiled for choice, the sheer volume of options can leave travellers overwhelmed when trying to choose the right island for their luxury holiday. Whether you are seeking outdoor adventure, beautiful beaches, or an island with a little bit of everything… Use this guide to the idyllic Greek islands to find the best destination for you!

Greek islands, a destination with a bit of everything

Crete is the largest island in Greece, occupying the most southerly space on the edge of the Aegean Sea. It is a popular tourist hotspot thanks to its wealth of beaches, natural beauty, delicious food, and historic cultural sites. Overall, each location in the island gives travellers the chance to discover the very best of Greece.

Greece sunset the luxe insider

Santorini is another sought-after option for travellers hoping to explore the islands of the Mediterranean. This island is a sensory overload of striking white architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and wine, alluring atmosphere… And sunsets so breath-taking that you will wish the day away! Its glorious beaches, interesting landscape, and luxurious hotels make it ideal for honeymooners.


All of the Greek islands have beautiful beaches. Santorini especially has no shortage, and Elafonissi Beach in Crete is universally beloved for its pink sand and aquamarine waves. However, if all you are craving is the chance to loll on golden sand and take in a stunning seascape, there are a couple of leading contenders.

greek islands corfu
Corfu, Greece

First up is Naxos. This island is characterised by beaches that are long stretches of soft sand, ideal for sunworshippers or families. Another of the best Greek islands for a beach holiday is Kefalonia, the untamed natural beauty of which was described in detail in the novel Captain Correli’s Mandolin. Small sandy coves are backed by sweeping limestone cliffs, perfect for adventurous types seeking peace and privacy.

Historic gems

There is much heritage to be explored in the inhabited Greek islands, from ancient religious sites to centuries-old town centres with exquisite architecture. Rhodes is a top spot for history buffs. Its culture is grounded in ancient myth, and it once boasted the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the original wonders of the world. Today, tourists can marvel at the well-preserved medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It contains some towering medieval walls, Byzantine and Gothic churches, and a restored Venetian palace.

Delos Greece
Delos, Greece

Another historic hotspot is the tiny island of Delos. Said to be the birthplace of Apollo, Delos was a hugely significant religious site for the Ancient Greeks. Go back in time by two millennia and you would find Delos overrun with pilgrims clustered around a thriving port. Today, the island is deserted except for its astonishing ancient ruins which include temples, amphitheatres, and the majestic Terrace of Lions. Delos can be accessed via a short boat ride from Mykonos, or on a day trip from Naxos or Paros.

Hiking and biking

Looking to do some walking during your trip? Picturesque Corfu will provide all you need and more. From rugged mountains and monastery-dotted forest to wildflower meadows and coastal cliffs, a walking holiday in Corfu offers exceptionally varied terrain with no shortage of spectacular vistas. Moreover, intimate tavernas and larger beach resorts offer comfortable accommodation along with traditional dishes and local wine straight from Corfu’s olive groves. Palaiokastritsa is an enchanting coastal ending, and Corfu airport transfers are easily arranged to get you back to the east site of the island.

Biking in Leros, Greece

Those who prefer to travel on two wheels will find opportunities for cycling in most Greek islands. However, there are a few stand-out destinations if you are looking for a dedicated cycling holiday. The best gentle paths can be found in Kos. Beloved for its beaches, Kos tends to be busy in the summer season, so cycling the undulating inland countryside is a great way to escape the crowds. Serious bikers seeking challenging thrills will love tackling the steep forest tracks of Thasos… Whatever it is with an ebike or a brand new etrike!

Snorkeling & diving

Is exploring underwater more your speed? There are several spots for awe-inspiring adventures. The best Greek island for scuba diving is probably Zakynthos, the third largest island in the Ionian Sea. Indeed, there, you will find several dive sites and many establishments providing equipment, guiding, and training. The waters around Zakynthos contain an endless array of astonishing sea creatures. Indeed, it includes colourful fish, elusive octopus, vibrant sponges, and endangered marine turtles, with beautiful underwater scenery to boot including coral reefs and natural arches.

For a slower pace of life, try Paros. This Greek island is a quieter and more authentic alternative to other islands in the Cyclades, providing plenty of peace and privacy for your holiday. The small island of Prasonisi just off the coast of Paros is also a must-see. It offers an attractive reef and shallow caves bursting with marine life including coral, moray eels and barracudas.

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