A Guide For Planning & Executing A Luxury Road Trip

A Guide For Planning & Executing A Luxury Road Trip

We get it, a road trip doesn’t scream luxury. You spend all day behind the wheel and then either roll out and sleep in a nearby campsite that may not even have running water, or you rock up to the nearest hotel room to lay your head for the night. But, this was what it used to be like in the past! Nowadays it is definitely possible to run a luxury road trip.

Thanks to improvements in car and travel tech, luxury road trip has become increasingly popular and easier to do than ever before. Even if you’re bringing kids along for the ride, you can have a journey that focuses on class, sophistication, and style. To make this dream become a reality, here is a go-to guide on how to map out a luxury road trip.

Invest In a Luxury Car

So, you’re going on a road trip. In order to get from A to B, you will need a mode of transport. For most, this will be their car. If you’re serious about your trip being luxurious, it’s wise not to take an old banger along for the journey! For those who are going long-distance in particular, you could be spending many hours behind the wheel. If you’ve got the money to do so, why not splurge on a brand-new luxury car?

Luxury car for road trip

While your mind may wander to the latest petrol or diesel models, you may want to look into investing in an electric vehicle. Not only are they known for being eco-friendly, many of them are brand new and come with luxury features. If you opt for an electric car, just make sure it’s fully charged before hitting the open road. Check out LV ElectriX home charging guide. They can provide more information on the steps you need to take to charge your vehicle overnight.

Create a Luxury-Infused Itinerary

While some routes can make lavish car travel near impossible or especially challenging, planning your luxury road trip itinerary can make an enormous difference. Start off by noting down the places you want to visit and where matter the most to you. If you’re staying on home soil, there are plenty of beautiful spots up and down the country where you can take your car for a road trip.

Amazing luxury road trip in Nevada, USA
Amazing road trip in Nevada, USA

Whether you want to explore stunning waterfalls, castles, or get out into the countryside, mapping out your itinerary well in advance is essential. If you’re bringing anyone along, make sure everyone has a say in activities and excursions. Once you have some structure to your trip, all you have to do is drive and enjoy the ride!

Get Yourself Covered

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that you will need insurance for your road trip. Whether you’re staying in the country or venturing further afield, it’s vital you’ve got car insurance in place that will cover you should something go wrong. Having car insurance in place also provides peace of mind, which will make you feel more confident when you drive.

Mountain road trip

When going somewhere new, you will be navigating unfamiliar roads. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the latest car and have high-end features, you need to be cautious when on the roads. Make sure to brush up on your knowledge regarding car maintenance too. The last thing you want is for your luxury adventure to be disrupted by a flat tyre or dead battery, especially if you’re miles away from civilisation! Knowing how to fix common car issues will keep things running smoothly.

Splurge On Luxury Accommodation

When heading on a luxury car trip, naturally, you’ll want to spend your nights somewhere extravagant. If the idea of a bed and breakfast doesn’t appeal to you, it’s time to start researching into luxury accommodation in the areas you’re going to. Of course, there are plenty of 5-star hotels dotted up and down the country. However, if you’re going to rural areas, for example, you may need to drive a little to find them!

Staying at a luxury hotel during a road trip

Look around for luxury hotels that will serve as much-needed breaks from driving and give you a chance to relax. When you’re staying somewhere luxurious, you can be guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep too. This is imperative before hitting the road for another spot of driving. For those who have got a loose schedule, why not spend a few days at your luxury hotel to fully recharge before you head off to your next destination? You can even save money on luxury accommodation by visiting hotel comparison websites.

Preparing a luxury road trip can be daunting. However, providing you follow our advice above, we can promise you’ll enjoy a luxurious adventure like no other. From planning your itinerary with luxury in mind to choosing the right accommodation, you can travel in style and stay at some gorgeous spots without having to jump on a plane!

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