7 Things To Do In Paraguay In Your Upcoming Holiday

7 Things To Do In Paraguay In Your Upcoming Holiday

Human beings have always been explorers. We already highlighted some of the greatest locations in the world on The Luxe Insider. Now, it’s time to focus on South America and Paraguay in particular. In this article, you will know about the most amazing activities to do there.

Here are some famous activities you can do in Paraguay for your next visit. Keep them in mind, so you can ensure to make your trip more daunting. Relax, take a deep breath and start reading below points.

1.  Watch The World’s Toughest Race

The toughest car race in Paraguay happens to be the toughest in the world. It takes place at the Paraguayan Chaco. Cars from top-notch manufacturers to popular ones like Ford and Toyota are involved.

Chaco’s car race

So, you can keep yourself entertained while witnessing the race. As a quick fact, it has been created in 1971 and all drivers need to wear uniform and have cages in their car.

2. Cruise The Backcountry

The Backcountry is a famous waterbody in Paraguay and you can witness different species of birds there. Indeed you can expect to see macaws, spoonbills, caimans and beautiful monkeys.

Spoonbills in Paraguay’s backcountry

The best way to visit this place is on a cargo boat or a water bike. Even, you can take permission from the authorities and organize camps there. Expect to get a chance of indulging in 360˚  Photography here in the backcountry.

3. Sip Terere

The Terere is a famous cold-tea-based beverage that you can find in Paraguay. The best you can do is sip it at any local joints while you are on a trip to this country. Actually, people there have Terere to fight with the extremely hot climate. One glass can keep you cool for the whole day.

Terere beverage

Locals are definitely the ones who make Terere the best. Luxury hotels also serve this delicious beverage, in case you are lucky enough to stay in a Paraguayan five-star residence.

4. Float By The Giant Lilies

While you are on a lavish trip to Paraguay, a good option is to cruise through the Cerro Lagoon and watch the giant lilies. Most of these lilies have 8 inches of the high rim. You can also see most lilies turning lilac due to – unfortunately – water pollution by the harmful chemicals.

Giant lilies in Paraguay

A local tannery has been the main culprit, but nowadays, the amount of pollution has gone down due to a massive outcry.

5.  Take Some Time Out For Glamping

Glamping is one of the unique experiences you can indulge in while visiting Paraguay. These are basically barrel-shaped rooms where you can stay for a day or two. Some of the glamping spots even keep real wine barrels and you can stay in them.

Gampling spot

There are multiple glamping spots in the country. All you need to do is find one and stay for the night. You can also have authentic Paraguay food while living in one of the barrels.  

6.  Indulge In The Mystic Peace Of Waterfalls

If you are in Paraguay to enjoy peace and calmness or planning to visit the country for the same, the waterfalls can help you a lot. You can find any of the waterfalls and sit quietly beside them. The best part of Paraguay is, it is not at all congested and you can always expect to get rejuvenated.

Iguazu waterfalls

As some luxury, you can even take a tent and a guide to camp beside a waterfall. As always, go through a map and check out what would be the best place to spend time near waterfalls.

7. Witness A Soccer Game

Soccer is one of the most alluring games in Paraguay. The people here go crazy while a soccer game takes place. So, you should watch a game while being on holidays in the country. Check out if any soccer game takes place during the carnivals, this would be the best moment.

Soccer stadium in Paraguay

Remember that the right itinerary can help you get the best flavour of the country. It is crucial to do your homework in the best manner before visiting Paraguay.

Final Words

Get the real flavour of Paraguay by indulging yourself in any of the activities given here. Always keep a fair budget for these, and make a plan for a lavish trip. I am sure you’ll have fun and discover great things!

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