5 Ways to Make a Grandiose Luxury Travel

5 Ways to Make a Grandiose Luxury Travel

There are certain journeys that demand a truly luxurious form of transport and experience. One that combines glamour with class, comfort and exclusivity. For a privileged few, these modes of traveling are the norm. Indeed, with the world’s sports moguls and tech entrepreneurs competing every year to go bigger, faster and more impressive with every trip. Let’s see 5 different ways to make grandiose a luxury travel.

For those who don’t have many cash to spend, a trip in one of these ways might be an investment. But you might be surprised at just how feasible they are, especially if you only intend to take one trip of this nature in your entire life.

1. Private jet charter

Chartering a private jet means much more comfort and flexibility. You won’t have to put up with the hassle of either the airport check-in process or boarding with the crowd. You’ll have space in the cabin to catch up on your emails, and you won’t need to worry about sharing the experience with any strangers!

If you’re travelling for business purposes, the expense of a private jet might even be outweighed by the speed and efficiency advantages. Bear in mind also that private jets can land on runways that commercial airlines won’t touch, and, as such, they’re great for making one-off trips to remote locations.

2. Luxury yacht

What a better way to admire the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the Philippines, than from a luxury yacht’s deck? Modern yachts are large enough to stretch your legs in, and they come equipped with a range of modern amenities. You won’t need to give up on Netflix, wherever in the world you might find yourself. There are yachts for sale at reasonable prices, and so it’s worth considering your options.

3. Five-star hotels

During the 19th century, aristocrats and royals became able to travel long distances… And so the five-star hotel came into being. These hotels were designed to cater to the tastes of the world’s richest and most powerful people. And this is a function they serve today! The best hotels won’t just do everything brilliantly; they’ll go above and beyond the call of duty, providing experiences that you won’t soon forget!

4. VIP tours and experiences

If you’d like to get acquainted with your surroundings, but you’d still like to retain the comfort that comes with luxury travel, then a VIP tour might be what’s required. You might think of a private guided safari through an African savanna, or a drive through the desert in a Middle Eastern petrostate.

5. Helicopter tours

If there’s a particular spectacle you’d like to take in, whether it’s an artificial one, like a statue or a cityscape, or a natural one like a mountain or a waterfall… Then taking to the skies might seem like the best option. A helicopter trip will afford you a perspective that is unimaginable from the ground. For a certain kind of luxury travel, it’s the only choice!

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