5 Reasons to Visit Morocco

5 Reasons to Visit Morocco

One of the most mystical places in the world is Morocco. The mix of history and culture is so captivating. It makes it hard to decide what should be the first thing to visit. This colorful place is a very diverse tourist destination- you can see epic mountains and sweeping deserts.

The hospitality of the local people adds warmth to the traveling experience. The capital city, Marrakech, is the perfect blend of chaos and oriental smells. Sometimes, a week is not enough to experience everything that this city offers. Here are some suggestions on what you shouldn’t miss experiencing while you are in Morocco.

1. Sightseeing

One of the things that you don’t want to miss is walking around the streets of Medina in Marrakesh. You will find so many restaurants, shops, markets, and houses all close together. The streets are so chaotic and complicated that it’s not very hard to get lost. I don’t recommend going off the beaten track, especially when you walk through Fez Medina because it can be a… surprising place :)

Old Medina in Rabat

If you are a hitch-hiker, make sure that you visit the Atlas Mountains. These beautiful mountains stretch over from the West Coast all the way to Tunisia. The best period for hiking is from April to June, even though you can do it at any time. Another popular place for hikers is the Torda George, which offers a bit more adventurous hiking experience.

2. Staying in a Riad

Another good reason to visit Morocco : living a true local – but luxurious experience by staying a in a riad. Few nights in such a place will convince you that this country is one of the most amazing in the world. Marrakech Medina offers hundreds of different riads from cheap to chic.

Plunge pool on patio
Riad Dar Shariq in Marrakech

This type of house is so unique, it symbolizes perfectly the Moroccan art-de-vivre. Open air courtyard, large common living areas, plenty of rooms, small or large water basin… The ideal place to live for a family, or to stay for a rich tourist. I strongly recommend to book a riad where you stay alone, and not a shared hotel.

3. Enjoying a typical hammam

Hammams are part of many Moroccans’ daily life. Usually the process is to first soak in a pool or sit in a steam room, then get rinsed, exfoliated and massaged. Of course this is depending on the place you decide to visit. You have actually plenty of choice whatever the city your are staying in, from Medina’s hammams to hotel’s spas.

Spa - Indoor pool
La Mamounia Spa

For those who are looking for a legendary experience, I suggest to go to La Mamounia Spa in Marrakech. The history, the architecture of the baths, the quality of service, that’s the place to feel like a VIP in Morocco.

4. Gambling

Besides being one of the most exotic places on the planet, Morocco is also a casino travel destination. It is a world-known gambling center that has many casino places to visit. The most famous casinos are located in three areas: Marrakech, Tangier, and Agadir. If you enjoy seeing endless deserts and breath-taking landscapes, Morocco is the travel destination for you.

Gambling in Morocco

However, some people want to gamble in the comfort of their own home. I recommend playing some of the online casino games. They don’t require anything, you can play them from your smartphone. Casino games are not only fun to play, but they also make it possible to earn some money too.

5. Tasting traditional kitchen

For those of you who are hungry or are willing to try the local cuisine, don’t miss having a meal at one of the riads, the traditional Moroccan restaurants. The Moroccan kitchen is a mix of traditional flavors. You will find that it’s a blend of Arabic, Turkish and French cuisine.

Typical Moroccan tagine

Some of the riads, especially those in Marrakesh, organize some cooking classes where you can learn how to cook some of the traditional Moroccan meals. One of the best places to visit for this matter is the Café Clock, where you can also try the gigantic camel burger.

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