5 Hottest Summer Holiday Destinations In Europe

Ionian islands

As temperatures soar across Europe, the allure of a summer holiday becomes irresistible. From the idyllic shores of Greece to the vibrant streets of Italy, each destination offers its unique blend of sun, culture, and relaxation. Europe’s hottest spots, with their diverse landscapes and cultural richness, beckon travellers seeking both adventure and tranquillity under the sun’s golden embrace. Discover these Summer holiday destinations!

1. Greece

Greece, gearing up for a scorching summer this year, expects temperatures to frequently exceed 40°C in several areas, setting the stage for one of the hottest summers on record​​. August, typically one of the warmest months, sees average high temperatures ranging from 27.8°C to 32.2°C across the country. These balmy days give way to milder nights, especially in the central and northern regions, where temperatures cool down to between 14.4°C and 18.3°C​​.

Mykonos in Greece
Mykonos, Greece

This warm weather provides the perfect backdrop for exploring Greece’s rich history, from ancient ruins under a clear blue sky to beautiful Mediterranean beaches and local tavernas, alongside so many other reasons to visit Greece. The combination of intense heat and cultural richness makes Greece an ideal summer destination.

2. Italy

Italy’s upcoming summer offers a delightful blend of warm weather and cultural richness. With daytime temperatures in the plains and along the coasts typically around 30/33°C, the season is perfect for experiencing Italy’s diverse attractions.

Lake Como, Italy
Lake Como, Italy

From strolling through ancient Roman streets to relaxing on the scenic Amalfi Coast, the sunny days complement the country’s outdoor dining, vibrant street scenes, and lively festivals. Italy’s summer warmth not only amplifies the charm of its historic sites, picturesque landscapes, and must-visit destinations… But also enhances the overall enchanting experience of visiting this culturally and historically rich nation.

3. Cyprus

In Cyprus, August marks the peak of the summer season with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Average temperatures across the island range from 23°C to 37°C. Coastal cities like Larnaca and Paphos experience temperatures between 23°C to 32°C, providing ideal conditions for beach activities. Inland areas, especially Nicosia, can see hotter temperatures, ranging between 24°C and 39°C.


This warm weather is perfect for experiencing some of the best beaches in Cyprus, like Fig Tree Bay and Lara Beach, where visitors can enjoy sunbathing, water sports, and the island’s natural beauty. With its high temperatures and dry conditions, Cyprus in summer is a haven for those seeking a beach holiday​​.

4. Malta

Nestled in the central Mediterranean, Malta is a captivating summer destination. The archipelago enjoys average temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, offering a perfect blend of vibrant culture, and stunning beaches. Its compact size allows easy exploration of historical gems like Valletta and idyllic spots like the Blue Lagoon on Comino.


Malta’s diverse cultural heritage, shaped by its historical role as a naval base, adds to its allure. Visitors can immerse themselves in a unique blend of architectural styles and cultural influences. The warm, sunny climate enhances Malta’s relaxed Mediterranean vibe, ideal for both adventurous explorations and tranquil relaxation.

5. South France

The South Coast of France, particularly the famed Côte d’Azur, is a quintessential summer destination, renowned for its mild climate and average temperatures hovering around 29 degrees Celsius. This region is a blend of luxurious resorts, picturesque beaches, and rich cultural experiences. Visitors are drawn to the city of Nice, Marseille and the glitz of Cannes, known for its film festival.

Marseille Vieux Port
Marseille, France

The South Coast also offers a diverse range of activities, from exploring quaint coastal villages to indulging in world-class cuisine. Its warm weather, combined with a vibrant atmosphere and stunning Mediterranean landscape, makes the South Coast of France an irresistible choice for a summer getaway. A great choice as one of the best Summer holiday destinations in Europe!

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