5 Can’t-Miss Family Activities In San Antonio

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San Antonio is a hot vacation spot this year. You’ll find plenty you can do there with your family. You should also appreciate that it won’t cost as much as other major cities, like New York or Los Angeles. There are some can’t-miss family-friendly San Antonio activities, and we will run through five of them now. No matter what your family likes, you can feel certain you will find it in this bustling metropolis, one of the Lone Star state’s crown jewels.  

1. The VME Family Fun Pass

The VME Family Fun Pass gets you into a couple of different places. If you buy one, you can check out the Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises. It lasts about 35 minutes as you drift slowly down the river, ending up at the San Antonio Aquarium.

River Walk in San Antonio
River Walk, San Antonio

There, your kids can marvel at the aquatic wonders that await them. They can see tropical fish, sharks, octopi, and many more. All ages should like it, and it’s handicap-accessible as well. You can take pictures with smartphones and videos. You ought to be able to get plenty of fun still shots and videos you can post on Instagram and Facebook to make your friends back home jealous.

Along the way down this lazy river, you will see such sites as The Alamo, The San Fernando Cathedral, and the Riverwalk Restaurants and Shops. The cruises also leave every fifteen minutes, so you can grab one at whatever time works best for you.

2. SeaWorld San Antonio

Maybe your kids would like to check out SeaWorld San Antonio instead. You can see killer whales up close and personal, and there’s a gift shop with many fun souvenirs onsite. There are also many thrilling rides. You can all pile into the log flume, and water jets hit you as you cruise down the lazy river.

SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld, San Antonio

The Dolphin Cove exhibit probably impresses the kids the most, though. You can see a school of dolphins interacting with one another. 

You can see them communicate and get an idea of how their society functions. Your kids can learn about that in school, but seeing these animals right in front of them gives them an in-depth look at their obvious intelligence.

3. The Cave Without a Name Tour

The Cave Without a Name has a tour you can take with the family. Visit the Jersey Ridge area and go underground, along with a guide. There, it’s possible to see many natural rock formations, flowstones, and rimstone dams.

cave without a name boerne
The “Cave Without a Name”

You can also enjoy some above-ground fun while you’re there. Pick out your own fossilized pieces of colorful rock to take home with you.

If you’ve got some older kids, you can go on a hike as well. The shaded Canyon Rim Trail takes you through the area and reveals many above-ground sights that should leave a lasting impression.

4. The Madams and Mayhem Ghost Walking Tours

You can find ghost walking tours in many cities, but San Antonio’s Madams and Mayhem Ghost Walking Tour might top them all. The city has a long and storied haunting history, and you can learn about the ghosts that supposedly reside there while hearing some amusing anecdotes about their exploits as well.

Ghost tour, San Antonio
Ghost tour, San Antonio

The walks take about an hour and a half, so make sure your kids can last that long. You will see The Alamo and learn about the ghosts and specters that sometimes appear there. You will also pass by the Menger Hotel, which has seen some tragedies over the years, and the Spanish Governor’s Palace, that supposedly sees restless apparitions throughout the year.

5. The Saturday Night Rodeo Bulverde

This popular event always delivers high-octane horse-related stunts. You will find many great Texan food and drink options onsite, so be sure to bring your appetite.

Rodeo event, San Antonio
Rodeo event, San Antonio

The intrepid riders get on spirited horses and bulls and show off their skills. You never know when a bull might throw off a rider, so there’s a danger element that makes each show unique.

You will hear some live music, and the barrel racing always impresses the kids. The Texas BBQ puts anything you get back east to shame, and the roasted corn might make you an addict.

You can check out multiple family events like this if you spend a few days touring San Antonio. You might end up with this city on your shortlist if you ever consider moving.

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