4 Destinations In Italy That You’ve Never Been To But Must Visit

4 Destinations In Italy That You’ve Never Been To But Must Visit

Italy is a country of landmarks and rich in history. This country has been ranked among the top tourist destinations in the world consistently for years and years! Never been to Italy before? Don’t worry! Very soon, Italy is opening up its borders to American tourists. So, it would help if you started planning your trip soon, right? This country has many exciting destinations you can tour, even people who lived there their entire lives never get to see all of it.

You probably know that Italy has a very high fashion appeal, thanks to so many amazing things made in Italy and the fashion capitals of Florence, Milan and Rome. Furthermore, Italy is full of unique foods, wine, and culture that will be exciting to explore. Apart from the common tourist destinations in Italy, there are smaller luxury gems that you may not have thought about before.

Lake Como

There is more to Lake Como than just the glamourous surroundings. This city of Como has a rich sense of fashion and culture you should explore. The city itself has several historical landmarks, important museums, and incredible restaurants, where you can eat products directly from the lake.

Lake Como’s shoreline

You won’t help but notice the stunning millionaire villas on the shores of the lake, and keep your eyes peeled for celebrities! The lake is known for its breathtaking and natural beauty. You will also fall in love with the local people, they are very welcoming and will make you feel at home.


If you like Italian leather handbags, this is the place to buy one. Fiesole is next to fashion capital Florence, aka the leather capital of the world. To get a taste for what you might find there, check out Italian fashion sites like Mirta and explore the various styles of Italian leather handbags.


The city also has exciting views! Fiesole is known for its formal gardens and beautiful villas. Historian and art critic Bernard Berenson lived in this city. Fiesole hosts one of the oldest buildings in the world, Convent San Francesco, which has been in existence since 1399. Some of the other exciting locations you visit while in Fiesole include Museum Bandini, La Villa Medicea a Fiesole, Castle of Vincigliata, Monte Ceceri, and the Fiesole Archaeological Site.


Ponza is an exciting spot that is part of a group of islands located in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is midway between Naples and Rome, makes it an easy place to visit from either of the two major cities. You can visit here in summer and experience sun-soaked days and translucent water, that’s famous for hosting the most stunning swimming spots in the world.

Ponza’s coast

One of the busiest areas in Ponza is Port Passeggiata. The port has a unique layout that can be captivating to people watch, the unloading of fresh fish, etc. For an incredible sunset, head to Chiaia di Luna and the terrace bar at the hotel to witness the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen, along with a delicious aperitivo.


This is a great destination next to Venice and to get away from all of the crowds. The little island nestled in the bay is full of colorful houses and bright neighborhoods. Burano is known for its great seafood and laid back culture. Some of the exciting locations you should visit while in Burano include Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi, Tre Ponti, Campanile Storto, Case Colorate Burano, and Martina Vidal Venice.


All these amazing cities are easy to access from the bigger cities in Italy and are accessible by car, boat. Furthermore, they all have something different to offer, especially food wise! We guarantee you will have a different culinary experience at all of the destinations, as the food in Italy varies greatly per region.

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