The Private Room, a secret VIP lounge in Singapore airport

The Private Room, a secret VIP lounge in Singapore airport
Wondering what it means to be treated like a true VIP before boarding your first class? Singapore Airlines created a great experience for its top-spending passengers traveling in Suites, absolutely unique in the airline industry.

We have only few bucket list lounges at The Luxe Insider: Thai Airways Spa in Bangkok, Qatar Airways Premium Terminal in Doha, Air France La Premiere in Paris, Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney Cathay Pacific The Wing in Hong-Kong and for sure The Private Room in Singapore. They are all award-winning airport lounges offering amazing ground services to VIP passengers.

The Private Room - Entrance

The Private Room – Entrance

What makes The Private Room very unique is that visitors are not first class passengers, but are actually traveling above this class: they are all waiting to board Singapore Airlines Suites for an average EUR 15.000 long-haul round-trip price. Even top-spending guests, with most exclusive frequent traveler cards, are not entitled to access this lounge if not booking SQ Suites.

The Private Room - Lounge and leather seats

The Private Room – Lounge and leather seats

Before arriving at The Private Room, you first check-in at the dedicated First Class area, totally distinct from the rest of Singapore airport with a specific limousine/taxi entrance. There, doormen greet and escort you to a marble counter where you get, in record time, your boarding pass and lounge voucher before going to the express security checkpoint. Then, a private lift brings you to the huge SilverKris complex and upon presentation of the voucher, the receptionist accompanies you for a 5-min walk, passing through Business Class and First Class lounges to finally arrive like a VIP at The Private Room front desk.

The Private Room - Fine-dining room

The Private Room – Fine-dining room

Basically, The Private Room lounge consists of many leather seats in a large area with plenty of staff for very few passengers. Royal! A complimentary fine-dining restaurant is also available with an a-la-carte menu, buffet selection – we were there during breakfast time – and a faultless table service. Private areas with TV

Service quality is actually what also makes the difference with other lounges at Singapore Changi airport, including First Class one. Staff will remember your name, travel details and proactively they will anticipate your needs. You are not in an airport, but in a five-star hotel!

The Private Room lounge in Changi international airport, Singapore. Visited in September 2015.

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