Yamashiro Hollywood, The Place For Private Events From Intimate Dinners To Film Screenings

Yamashiro Hollywood

It is no surprise that Yamashiro Hollywood has been named the classic “special occasion” restaurant in LA. Every night, guests leave their dining experiences enchanted by the incredible view of Los Angeles, the charming Yamashiro courtyard, and the 600 year old Pagoda bordering the swimming pool. Whether you desire for Yamashiro to host your wedding or exclusive film screening, the patrons on site are happy to personalize your night tailored to your exact vision.

Famed for its versatility and rare decor, Yamashiro offers the most unique and exquisite event spaces in Hollywood. It is the ideal destination for any celebration! Dining menus and live music are cutomazible, photo booths are ready to go, and any outdoor activity are possible inside the mansion.

The perfection of your event passes through lush gardens, serene waterfalls, and modern filigree touches. Each event space on site at the Yamashiro Palace in Hollywood features a piece of rich architectural history. After all, this home of Japanese-inspired peacefulness is the oldest standing structure in California. Legendary is Yamashiro’s middle name.

Your Birthday on THE SKY DECK

Whether you’re a Summer or Winter baby, the starry nights in Hollywood are year round and forever. Yamashiro’s new Sky Deck and Lounge is perched just above the 14th century Pagoda imported from Japan. The scenic backdrop your guests will enjoy from the Sky Deck have made appearances in photo and film shoots for movies like Kill Bill and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Yamashiro Hollywood

This glamarous outdoor platfrom creates the perfect setting for happy hours and cocktail receptions, as well as birthdays and graduation parties. Elevated over the trees of Los Angeles and busy city lights, your party will enjoy complete privacy and California excitement. The Sky Deck overlooks Yamashiro’s resort-style pool and offers various amenities for guests enjoyment, such as a built-in outdoor bar, a live music stage, and an entertainment space for miscellaneous activities of your choice.

An Intimate Dinner at THE SUNSET DINING ROOM

Located on the West End of the Yamashiro venue, the Sunset Dining Room stands true to its name. The Sunset Dining Room is a private indoor terrace that accommodates up to 65 beautiful guests across two levels. While guests dine, the antique wooden ceiling surrounds them. And just outside of the glass windows lining the historic walls, Los Angeles twinkles and dances.

As guests mingle and feast on the elaborate menu of the night, they can sneak glances of The West Hollywood skyline from the Sunset Dining Room. This intimate enclosure of seating offers unobstructed views of the passionate movement of people below, though at Yamashiro the sound of the bustle is completely silenced by sound-proof glass. This scenic indoor terrace with a warm romantic atmosphere is unlike any other venue in the hills. It is perfect for both intimate anniversaries as well as social gatherings with beloved friends.

Your Wedding at THE SKYVIEW ROOM

Under the mystical sparkle of a historic chandelier and prancing energy of a vibrating dance floor, The Skyview Room is without question the most dazzling place in Los Angeles for a memorable wedding reception. This venue is coupled with a dramatic, all-American view of the iconic Hollywood sign, The Griffith Observatory, and the Downtown Los Angeles skyline.

Your memories will live for as long as the sun sets a caramelized orange color over the city of Angels. The Skyview Room is available for your privacy and enjoyment, separated thoughtfully from the exciting primary grounds of the Yamashiro mansion. Peak out the tall, glass windows and find yourself falling in love with the city of promise. This banquet space can festively accommodate up to 60 guests. Built-in AV capabilities enable screens and projectors to showcase the milestones of your love story to your treasured guests. Other customizable options for event perfection include photo booths, one-of-a-kind dance floors, art installations, and live music bands.


Offering a visual feast of Japanese-inspired shoji screen walls and gorgeous hexagon tile floors, The Garden Courtyard is a spectacular outdoor venue for private film screenings. The Garden Courtyard features meticulous accent lighting and a futuristic screen with a built in projector.

Yamashiro Hollywood
Yamashiro Hollywood

Known as the premier open-air experience for special occasions, The Garden Courtyard offers guests a lush Zen Garden surrounding them mixed with soothing waterfall sounds to create a serene ambiance while watching any film. In this space, a vibrant Koi Pond teemed with lively colored koi fish graces the special moments in your screening.

Your Corporate Dinner in THE KOI DINING ROOM

The Koi Dining Room is a fine dining space included along with your rental of the gorgeous Garden Courtyard. This dining room is a semi-private enclosure that accommodates up to 40 guests in a lavish reception setting. 30 guests may also fit in the neighboring dining room… So it creates a flow of wonder throughout the night with guests traveling between spaces to find each other.

Take your night to the next level of adventure by hosting your corporate dinner in the famous Yamashiro mansion; the only mansion in Hollywood Hills that overlooks the rich culture of successful business endeavors below it. In this exciting setting, members of your organization will gain inspiration through the glimmer of the Los Angeles stardust. Yamashiro is indeed one of California’s most beautiful gems. Experience it with your corporate colleagues and watch your organization soar to new heights.

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