World’s Finest Luxury Hair Salons

World’s Finest Luxury Hair Salons

Beauty salons can be a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Many believe that they can provide the best care for their hair when they visit these salons. Aside from the regular treatments they get, there’s also a whole range of organic products to try, such as Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Detox as a remedy for damaged hair. 

Some people may go beyond ordinary salons and try out luxurious hair salons to experience world-class service. Here are some of the most popular in the world: 

409 Malvern – Melbourne, Australia

The luxurious 409 Malvern salon

409 Malvern prioritizes its customers above anything else. They are the epitome of providing quality service with a team of hairdressers who listen intently to their customers’ needs. These professionals have years of experience and are glad to give you advice on what you truly desire.

Derren used to be the sole colorist on the famous TV show Australia’s Next Top Model. He trained at the Vidal Sassoon Salons in London and worked in numerous salons around Melbourne and Sydney

Aerni – Bern, Switzerland

Aerni salon

Located at one of the oldest streets in Switzerland, Aarbergergasse 60, Aerni Salon in Bern will give you an experience that you will surely come back for more. They have over 150 years of professional experience. Complemented by a gorgeous building structure, Aerni Salon offers its customers a long tradition and modern service style. 

Considered to be one of the most beautiful salons globally, your experience with them will give you tons of compliments for your hairstyle. They also have Aerni clothes, where a wide variety of latest trends are available. People can also use this place for meetups and coffee dates while devouring their lovely cuisine. Aerni offers world-class salon services, but it will make you feel comfortable with the many magazines and the relaxed environment.

Alain Maitre, Barbier – Paris

The “Barber Master”, Alain Barbier

Alain Maitre, also known as the “Master Barber,” gives his customers a tradition of Paris expertise. You can find his salon in an extraordinary location with the setting of a museum exhibition. They offer an old-style shaving that features the art designing of beard and mustache. Alain is also a hairdresser that uses Redken treatments for your custom haircut.

Alto Senso – Moscow, Russia

Alto Senso salon

In Alto Senso, you will have feelings of elegance, beauty, and confidence because of their commitment to emphasize each customer’s natural beauty. Their way of executing their craft is to maintain the Alto Senso trademark. 

Located at the corner of Ostozhenka Street, the salon features a beautiful and elegant structure with all the love and romance you can feel. Their services are always what their clients want, where each procedure follows unique approaches, whether an intensive hair treatment or a nail service.

Stylists of Alto Senso had training in the best schools that offer western European Hairdressing style. The stylists are willing to help their customers to emphasize their beauty successfully. Clients can avail of Alto Sens services such as styling, haircuts, braiding, evening hair, hair extensions, and all kinds of color services that use the latest technology and follow the standards of procedure in the application. 

Ambika Pillai – New Delhi, India

Ambikapillai salon

The Ambika Pillai is in Wave Shopping Arcade in New Delhi, where it offers an excellent service with a strong management team. For almost a decade, all seven branches of Ambika Pillai provided unparalleled service. They started with 20 dedicated, skilled, and talented teams and grew to more than 160 members scattered through all her salons in New Delhi. Ambika Pillai’s goals, values, and ideas were her priorities when she was starting her career.

Treat Yourself

Luxurious hair salons can be expensive, but it is okay to try them out once in a while with your hard-earned money. Give yourself credit for working hard, experience world-class service, and feel beautiful.

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