Why Luxury Cars in UAE Are A Better Option For Rent Than Premium Models

luxury cars dubai

When passenger transport became as commonplace as a bicycle, elite cars began to be produced for people who need to emphasize their status. They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so most motorists cannot afford them. But you can test a luxury car in action – rental offices rent them out. Luxury car rental is especially popular in Dubai, the city of ultra-modern architecture and expensive cars.

In the UAE, car rental has reached a whole new level. It is here that you can rent the most expensive cars in the world, enjoy trips in luxury convertibles and feel like a sheik for an acceptable amount of money. You can do this at https://renty.ae/. Here you can choose from a variety of cars for rent, including Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche. The whole range of cars will be prepared by specialists so that you don’t worry about anything when renting a car, but only enjoy the trip.

Benefits of renting luxury cars in the UAE

Renting luxury cars is much more expensive than ordinary city crossovers, but the demand for them in UAE is consistently high. Once in the city with the best roads in the world, it is foolish to refuse the opportunity to ride on supercars.

luxury cars dubai
Luxury car for rent in Dubai

Why you should rent an expensive car in UAE:

  • In the Emirates, cheap gasoline – you won’t have to overpay for fuel. Expensive cars are often voracious, but this will have little effect on the budget;
  • The cities of UAE have excellent multi-lane roads, which you can drive quite quickly – the main thing is to look at the speed limit signs. By car, you can visit a lot of interesting places, go to giant malls, and see all the sights;
  • This country has an extremely low crime rate, you don’t have to worry about an expensive car. Accidents are rare here, you won’t meet drunk drivers, as well as rudeness on the roads.

How are luxury cars different from regular cars?

Luxury cars are larger than business-class models. They are distinguished by increased comfort and spacious rear seats. Such machines mainly perform representative functions. Their cost reaches half a million dollars. A lot of people doing business come to the UAE. It is for them that the luxury car rental service in Dubai will come in handy. For one day of rental, you have to pay 200-1500 dollars, depending on the brand, modification, and year of manufacture.

Typical luxury cars:

  • Rolls Royce;
  • Jaguar XJ;
  • Mercedes-Benz S;
  • Bentley;
  • BMW 7 Series;
  • Lexus LS;
  • Audi A8.

Luxury cars are prestigious and belong to the automotive “elite”. By the way, you can rent the best Audi by clicking on https://renty.ae/brands/audi/abu-dhabi. Their high cost is due to the peculiarities of their production, and they themselves are luxury items. Businessmen often rent luxury cars when they fly to other countries for business and/or leisure.

Audi A8 Interior
Audi A8 interior

Luxury car features:

  • Quality materials – genuine leather, wood, high-quality alloys, minimal use of plastic.
  • They usually have a sedan body. Some luxury cars have an elongated body – to make it more comfortable for passengers in the rear seats;
  • Large dimensions – to create a respectable and prestigious look;
  • Powerful engines with 16 valves or more. Luxury cars are characterized by a quick set of speeds and a high level of safety;
  • High price. Prestige is proportional to cost. The price for a car is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How are they different from premium?

Luxury cars are often confused with cars from the premium segment. There are quite big differences between them, which immediately attract attention.

The difference between luxury cars and premium cars:

  • Surpass the “premium” in all respects – they are more powerful, larger, more expensive, and more advanced in technical terms;
  • Premium versions are an order of magnitude or two cheaper and are known to a wide range of motorists, and class F cars are not advertised;
  • Luxury cars are individual, they are often made for a specific customer, taking into account his wishes and preferences;
  • In fact, the “premium” car is a stripped-down version of the luxury segment. Both options are actively rented out by rental companies in Dubai and other major business and tourist centers.

Class F models lead the line of automotive brands, often made only to order. These exclusive cars are part of the image of each automaker, and for their owners, they become a confirmation of social status.

Final words

In order for a trip in a luxury car in UAE not to end in trouble and unforeseen expenses, you must comply with traffic rules 100%. Cameras are installed everywhere, fixing violations, and each of them leads to automatic fines.

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