Which Women’s Clothing Accessories Are Worth The Money?

Which Women’s Clothing Accessories Are Worth The Money?

Fashion is a tricky balance of whether or not you are using your money wisely. This article helps you navigate which women clothing accessories are great for splashing a little extra for, and which you should not mind downgrading your brands for.

There is a lot available in the fashion market, when it comes to clothing accessories. In this article I give you a quick list and advise about which items you should focus on. Check it out, invest, and finally pamper yourself!

Skimp on – Tights


No matter what anyone tells you about quality, wear resistance, or thermal properties, once you move past a certain price point, tights are just tights. We recommend collecting a variety of styles and don’t spend past a point that it would affect your mood when they inevitably ladder through the daily rough and tumble.

Invest in – Bags

Hermès Birkin handbag

An absolute must-have, the most trusted favorite of all accessorizing masters – the handbag. These are the classic items even the most frugal buyer will relent to part with their money for – and for good reason. Bags are not only one of the most practical aspects of outfits but can make you appear more professional, sexy, put together, and successful, based upon the style you choose. Loewe bags have a comprehensive range of styles for each image you wish to project and are worth their price. Designer bags that are well made will last much longer, and high-quality materials ensure the look and feel is superior to their more cheaply made competitors.

Tighten Up For – Belts

Gucci belt

Belts are a great way to spice up an outfit and show off your figure in an otherwise shapeless garment. But are they worth shelling big bucks for? The answer is, not especially. If you want to indulge in a lovely belt, or maybe rack up a fine collection, absolutely! But don’t feel pressured into buying one in a specific price range because usually, the difference in quality remains the same across the middling price brackets.

Indulge in – Scarves

Wool scarf

Soft, silky, flowy fabrics – or hearty garment to fortify you against chills, scarves can be practical, aesthetic or both! These can really make you look put together and add a little flair to an outfit, but it can be really easy to spot a cheap one. You can really feel the difference between high-quality fabrics and cheap swathes of material, so make sure you are happy with the purchase you make.

Save on – Hair Accessories

Chanel hair brooch

Whether its scrunchies, bows, bands or ties, there is really no need to splash out for hair accessories. Buy ones that are ultimately comfortable, as you don’t want to irritate your scalp, and make sure they won’t damage or break your hair. Beyond these qualities, these are easily lost or misplaced, and spending a lot of money on them is a fairly risky business.

Splurge on – Shoes

Louboutin high heels

These are worth investing in. A good pair of designer shoes can last you years upon years and are a staple focal point of every outfit. Once you find a pair to fall in love with, you rarely regret buying them, and they can become one of your fondest accessories.

I hope this list is a helpful guide into which everyday items are worth a little more consideration, and which you can bump down in your clothing accessories priority list.

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