What You Should Do With Your Unwanted Luxury Clothes

What You Should Do With Your Unwanted Luxury Clothes

There are few sorrier sights than wasted luxuries. Whatever it is for fashion, watch or jewelry, each item requires craftmanship, hours of manual work and passion. This is why it is crucial to respect these wonderful objects, especially delicate fashion pieces. If you really can’t keep them, let’s see what you should do with unwanted luxury clothes!

In 2018, BBC News reported that luxury fashion brand Burberry burned bags, clothes, and perfume worth millions, solely to ‘protect its brand’ and prevent them being sold cheaply elsewhere. While it’s understandable for luxury brands to want to maintain their value, there is something deeply affecting about simply destroying unsold stock in such a manner.

Burberry unisex handbag

Consequently, we thought it might be more useful to list some handy alternatives on what to do with any unwanted luxuries of yours.

Arrange New Killer Outfits

If you have lost interest in some of your luxury clothes from the past, then before you make any drastic decisions, it might be worth trying to inject them with new vigour.

Renew your outfits by mixing old clothes

For example, you could be the architect of some exciting new outfits that are comprised of clothes of old.  Mixing and matching old clothes in different and unique combinations gives them a whole new identity and sense of appeal. Even the addition of a simple accessory can completely change how you perceive some luxury clothes of yours. 

Fancy style made with old pieces

Whether the items in question are from British luxury brands or global luxury brands, you could create a delightful new attire and get some more mileage out of your older clothes. After all, there’s plenty of experimentation that can be done where clothes are concerned. Test the waters and see what you create!

Sell Your Goods Online

It often feels like the online world has the most danger for a bad deal when it comes to selling your stuff. However, new sites have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and offer a suite of services to get you the best deal possible.

Try online reselling like some physical stores are doing

For example, Consigned Sealed Delivered – the latest and greatest of luxury consignment – promises the highest resale price for your luxury designers.  Their VIP Luxury Curators put a fresh spin on what is typically considered old and rebrands previously-loved luxury designers as timeless classics, limited editions, and future collectibles to get items sold as quickly as possible. In three simple steps, you could be on your way to earning cash for your pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories. While you’re at it, browse their incredible collection for new fashion inspiration – out with the old and in with the new!

Services like that offer you access to affordable luxury brands, not only helping you to free-up space in your closet but potentially reinvent it in the same stroke. This way, you can look forward and be excited for the future, without worrying about waste or whether you’ll one day miss the item you sold.

Utilise Repair Services

There are many reasons a luxury clothing item might not be appealing anymore and isn’t always to do with interest alone.

Repair your unwanted luxury goods instead of throwing them

For example, some damage may have been incurred unbeknownst to you, and now you’re left scratching your head about what’s not working. Not all faults are obvious in an elaborate, luxury design – the clothes might just not feel right in the wearing, or zip or button might unexplainably refuse to fasten. 

Still, there are repair services out there that can breathe life into old luxury clothes, so perhaps consider utilising those to remove all doubt from your mind. It would be a shame to part with your luxury clothes out of a sense of frustration or being defeated, so having a professional look over things could either give you hope or closure. From there conclusion, you can act more informatively in serving your best interests. 

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