Visiting the Boucheron apartment on Place Vendôme

Visiting the Boucheron apartment on Place Vendôme

Few people are lucky enough to enjoy a visit of the Boucheron apartment in Paris, just above the House’s historical boutique on Place Vendôme. A magnificent and unique apartment created during the renovation of the store that reopened in early 2019, and dedicated to most exclusive brand’s clients. I had the chance to see it in detail!

There are many luxurious hidden places in Paris. Some are five-star hotels for happy fews, some are high-end shops in small streets, some are fine-dining restaurant for connoisseurs… But there is only one fancy apartment owned by a high-jewelry house for billionaires, on the capital’s most prestigious place.

A completely renovated flasghip store

When the Boucheron’s worldwide flagship store reopened in 2019, it was considered the most expensive renovation program for a jewelry store ever. It has been inaugurated by Kering group’s CEO Francois-Henri Pinault and a host of VIPs for an exclusive evening party on Place Vendôme.

Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault at Boucheron store in 2019

It’s true to say that this renovation program, initiated to celebrate the house’s 160th birthday, was huge and the result simply fantastic. This iconic Boucheron’s store, settled in the historical building Hôtel de Nocé on 26 Place Vendôme, has been totally renewed from top to bottom thanks to Architect of historic monuments Michel Goutal and Interior Designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. They preserved the Art Déco style and added here and there some modern touches.

Art Déco style at Boucheron Place Vendôme store

The jewel behind this program is certainly the second floor, where an opulent 300sqm apartment has been created from scratch to host some very exclusive guests, as a reward for their big purchases.

An apartment for billionaires

Do you think that buying a Quatre ring (approx. EUR 4,000) will entitle you to be selected as a guest for one night in the Boucheron apartment? Well no, it won’t be enough… Extremely few clients can be welcomed.

Let me share you a secret : only Boucheron clients purchasing for more than 1 million euros will be shortlisted to spend one night in that unique apartment. Unique for the location, unique for the size, unique for the view, unique for the entry price.

Boucheron apartment’s living room

This apartment is also exceptional for its decoration, furniture and amenities also found by designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. Despite the 300sqm, that’s “only” a one-bedroom apartment but the purpose is really to let a rich couple enjoying some good time in a luxurious and romantic location.

Boucheron apartment’s library

It is composed of a large living-room (I love the huge Italian sofa), a dining room where dinner with friend can be organized, a library with plenty of collector’s books, a lovely bedroom and a full marble bathroom with standalone tub overlooking Place Vendôme. A true dream.

A world of exclusive services

I have another secret to share : the service of that wonderful apartment is operated by the legendary Ritz Paris, also located on Place Vendôme.

Ritz Paris entrance, just 100 meters away from Boucheron’s apartment

By pressing “0” on the phone, a Ritz majordome will answer all your needs. Catering is directly coming from the Ritz, whatever it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Palace’s staff is also managing housekeeping and laundry. In the bathroom, you can find all the range of Ritz Paris full-size products. A faultless service for demanding guests.

Special events

As you can imagine, the apartment is unused most of the time. Indeed, the brand really wants to make it exclusive and targets very few guests. In order to use the space, Boucheron is organizing many events in the apartment. Showcases for new collections, VIP dinners, commercial space for high jewelry pieces… And plenty of photo shootings for magazines.

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