Top Jewelry Trends to Watch For in 2021

Top Jewelry Trends to Watch For in 2021

We often limit ourselves to clothing trends and forget that jewelry is an important part of the fashion industry. But things changed drastically with the COVID completely taking control of our lives in a way that no one anticipated.

With Zoom meetings and working from home, culture took precedence over the face-to-face meetings, there has been a substantial transformation in the professional appearance. And undoubtedly, it has impacted the jewelry industry as well. Let’s dive in and know the trends that are going to rule 2021.

Zoom Era Transforming Fashion & Jewelry Trends

Everyone knows that work from home culture did cut short on the travel timings. But it became extremely tiring. Everyone agrees that Zoom meetings are exhausting, and everyone started going easy on their looks. Pants over pajamas became the “new normal.”

Zoom meeting

But that was impacting productivity. So, many went back to dressing themselves. Of course, it was a well-dressed torso while wearing a sweatpant. Even research suggests that clothes have an impact on how we feel or carry ourselves. In some ways, it’s empowering too.

So, let’s talk about the jewelry trends that are making a difference this year. Let’s begin!

Sterling Silver is Reinventing Its Importance

Silver was not much regarded earlier. But with its re-entry into the famous runways, designers and people worldwide are finally accepting its presence as a fashion trend. And since it is durable, affordable, and versatile, it feels like no one can beat this option anytime soon.

Sterling silver jewelries

It’s a piece to instill grace for celebrities while non-celebrities are using it to project their fashion sense and commitment. In fact, sterling silver rings, necklaces, earrings are becoming an integral part of day-to-day activities.

Charm bracelets are becoming popular even amongst popular brands because of this unparalleled beauty. Even people are giving the same to their partners as a mark of their special occasions.

High-End Jewelry Is Altogether A Different Ball Game

Everything changes in the fashion industry pretty quickly. However, there is still a clientele for high-end jewelry, a trend that’s often referred to as “over the top.” But various people love such whimsical designs that are non-traditional, fashionable, and ultimately beautiful.

Boucheron unisex ring “Quatre”

This is usually the piece of jewelry that designers often relate to the “WOW factor.” It’s also helping with the communication when Zoom meetings are being held to break the monotony. For instance, pearls have transformed its outlook from being a snob to something cool off lately. And with fashion or pop icons using it in their shows or musicals, people are finally noticing it. They are also ultimately chic and sexy that makes them quite sensual.

But what to choose? Scroll down, and you’ll know.

Creating A Subtle Yet Aggressive Look With Chain Jewelry

It’s like another “old is gold.” Honestly, everyone loves chains because of their simple yet breathtaking look. In other words, you can be cute or punk, depending on how you style. You can go for handmade chains with stones (natural or lab-grown). Experts suggest that one should opt for a nice link, in gold or silver.

Chain necklace

If you go for a nice clasp, you can also use it as a necklace. Somehow it will always be your go-to solution that will never go out of trend.

Draw Attention With Pendants Or Talisman Jewelry

Whether you are on a Zoom call or have an anniversary to celebrate, pendants are something that will always make you noticeable amongst the lot. And if you go for a leather cord, it will definitely up your fashion game.

Necklaces and Talisman jewelry

It’s often related to something conversational. Other than this, mystical jewelry also got some rave reviews recently. People are using it as a symbol of protection, good fortune, or healing. But such pieces often enhance the look of a person wearing them as well.

Be Classy Yet Sexy With Hoop Earrings

Do you always look for classic jewelry pieces and don’t know what to choose? Well! Hoops are one such option that is classic yet will make you the eye candy. You can either go for the smallest, chunky, or slim options. You can opt for diamond or zirconia embedded in silver or gold.

Hoop earrings

They are quite a safe bet when it comes to being fashionable and sexy. And the best part is everyone can go for this option without thinking twice.

Bring A Sparkle To Your Face With Different Earrings

Yes, earrings work perfectly for any kind of meeting or occasion. But they are quite impactful for your Zoom meetings since they make your face vibrant and appealing. You can opt for a simple necklace with a single earring to complete the official look. You can opt for chandeliers to diamonds, long or short, depending on the occasion.

To Sum it All

Fashion trends always make a comeback. The same goes for jewelry trends. With the world cooped inside their homes for most times now, everyone is looking to create an appeal that’s comfortable and affordable at the same time. After all, who would like gaudy jewelry sets when a simple chain or an earring can complete the look without wasting much time.

So, what’s your favorite among the lot? Share your thoughts and add in your list (if any) to let others have a plethora of options to choose from. After all, who says you can’t style if you are at home. It’s about making a mark, irrespective of the location.

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