Top 5 Most Expensive Restaurants in Dubai

Top 5 Most Expensive Restaurants in Dubai

The residents of Dubai have a taste for luxurious dining. And no wonder — the city counts among the wealthiest in the world. It is home to 13 billionaires, more than 200 cent-millionaires, and about 68 thousand millionaires. So where are the most expensive restaurants to dine in there?

Supply rises with demand. Now more than 13 thousand restaurants operate in Dubai, including some of the world’s best culinary establishments. Dubai currently has more restaurants per capita than even New York!

Exquisite food has become one of the distinguishing features of the city. In 2022 alone, 69 Dubai restaurants covering 21 types of cuisine were recommended by the Micheline guide inspectors.

We are not Michaline inspectors. However, guided by their work and other reviews, our editorial team has created a list of 5 superb Dubai restaurants every food connoisseur should visit.

1. Ossiano

The first place on our list goes to Ossiano. This restaurant has 1 Michelin star and a 4.5/5 star rating on Google reviews. It is located in the famous Atlantis complex, on Palm Jumeirah.


Ossiano, Dubai

The ocean theme is predominant in the design. The giant aquarium surrounds the dining area, creating an impression that the visitors are underwater. The design is completed with pillars and a high ceiling in beige and golden colors.

Cuisine and Pricing

Ossiano, Dubai

The restaurant is focused on seafood. Visitors can feast on oysters, lobsters, caviar, and other delicacies. Ossiano’s chef, Grégoire Berger, is an award-winning culinary virtuoso who has made a name for himself with his cutting-edge signature dishes refined by traditional French cooking techniques.

The 10-waves tasting menu costs 1,150 AED (around 313 USD). A wine pairing is 845 AED (230 USD), while a non-alcoholic pairing costs 295 AED (about 80 USD).

Pro Tip: To Experience Fine Dining More Often

Most restaurant visitors come to Dubai on a weekend or vacation. However, if you decide to stay in the city longer, you would be able to experience such fine dining as often as you’d like. To help you select a proper getaway home, has assembled information on a wide range of Dubai real estate available for rent and sale.

2. SushiSamba

The opening of a new SushiSamba location is always a highly anticipated event. Other cities lucky to include a restaurant from the famous chain are London, Las Vegas, and Doha.

Location and Decor

Sushi Samba, Dubai

In Dubai, SushiSamba is located in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah – on the 51st floor of the Saint Regis hotel.

The decor of SushiSamba’s Dubai branch is reminiscent of Latin American rainforests. The location has an elaborate high wooden ceiling in the form of intertwined tree branches. There is a lot of greenery — plants hang from the ceiling and cover some of the walls. Other walls feature French windows through which visitors can enjoy a stunning view.

Cuisine and Pricing

Sushi Samba, Dubai

SushiSamba brings together the cuisines and cultures of three countries — Japan, Brazil, and Peru. This is a truly unique blend of tastes! Although the restaurant doesn’t publish prices on the internet, according to reviews, a dinner here can cost around 130 USD per person, excluding alcohol.

3. Nobu

Nobu is another famous chain of restaurants with locations in 50 cities worldwide. Moreover, some cities have more than one Nobu restaurant.

Nobu Dubai is located on the 22nd floor of Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah. The big news is that Nobu is opening a second location in the city called Nobu by the Beach! Situated on the same island, it will be 1.7 km (1 mi) from Nobu Dubai.

Interior Design

Nobu The Palm, Dubai

The shades of beige and brown with slight red hues dominate the color scheme. The walls are covered in wood and stone — timeless materials that bring visitors closer to nature.

Food and Costs

Nobu The Palm, Dubai

Nobu Dubai is one of the best Dubai restaurants according to the Michelin guide. The menu is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, which creates an unparalleled experience. The signature dishes of the restaurant’s celebrity chef, Matsuhisa, include black cod miso, wagyu beef tacos. The signature menu costs 575 AED (around 156 USD).

4. At.mosphere

Located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, At.mosphere is the highest restaurant in the world. The restaurant is being redesigned, but it is expected to reopen in several months.

Amazing views

At.mosphere, Dubai

At.mosphere is 442 meters (1450 ft) above the ground and views here are astounding — visitors are awed by the Burj Khalifa Lake, the Dubai Mall, the dancing fountain, and the overall scenery.

What About the Food?

At.mosphere, Dubai

Food will not disappoint even the most sophisticated gourmet. Prime-cut grills, caviar, and oysters can all be found on the dinner menu. However, locals recommend visiting At.mosphere for an afternoon tea and ordering the so-called luxurious menu. You will receive the freshly cooked catch of the day as the main course along with some pastries and a glass of wine.

Pro tip: Book a table by the window — it requires an extra fee, but the views are worth it. Booking non-window seats during the day requires making an order for at least 250 AED (68 USD) per person. For window seats, it is 350 AED (95). However, if you decide to have dinner at At.mosphere, you should expect to spend twice as much.

5. Zuma

Zuma is located in Dubai International Financial Centre, near the downtown. This sushi restaurant is one of the priciest city establishments. Including Dubai, Zuma restaurants are available in 21 cities worldwide. 

Zuma’s Interior

Zuma, Dubai

Zuma features steel and granite decor, with gray and beige dominating the color scheme. The overall style is a combination of industrial and modern with elements of Asian Zen.

What’s on the Menu?

Zuma, Dubai

The restaurant focuses on creating intense flavors with high-quality ingredients. Visitors can enjoy scrumptious sushi, sashimi, nigiri, soups, snacks, seasonal dishes, and more.

The tasting menu costs 695 AED (about 189 USD) per person while the premium menu is 1395 AED (around 380 USD).

What Is the Most Expensive Meal in Dubai?

When it comes to the most expensive meal, we should mention the caviar served at the Novikov Sheraton Grand Hotel. A 125-gram portion of the delicacy costs between 2,000 and 3,100 AED (around 545-844 USD).

In Conclusion

Gastronomy is an essential part of a well-rounded travel experience. In this article, we have listed some of the best Dubai restaurants. Each of them deserves your visit and can offer a unique culinary adventure.

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