Top 5 Best Restaurants In the World

Top 5 Best Restaurants In the World

Have you been among those who made a pact to travel more once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided? Are you wondering which of the world’s best restaurants you want to book first? Luckily, you don’t have to scour the internet, as I’ve already compiled the best of them for you here. 

1. Ithaa Undersea

If you haven’t been to the Maldives, the Ithaa Undersea restaurant can be the reason for you to set foot in this small island nation of South Africa. The interior design of the restaurant is by luxurious standards is pretty simple. They don’t need to invest in intricate designs and luxurious trimmings because it has all the luxury for its view.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Guests can enjoy uninterrupted sea views from the restaurant’s 270-degree transparent panels. The restaurant is located in Conrad Maldives Resort & Spa and is always a highly preferred spot.

Be ready to spend at least $320 per head for this once in a lifetime dining experience. However, this is nothing compared to the selection of food that you can enjoy while enjoying the marine life beneath the Indian Ocean. The restaurant can sit up to 14 guests and serve a four-course lunch and six-course dinner, with mainly European flair. 

2. Aragawa Restaurant

When you have a restaurant located in an old office basement, you may not expect much, but Aragawa, located in Japan, will change your mind in an instant. Most luxury restaurants would commonly have a tasting menu, but Aragawa will give you an a la carte menu, ranging anywhere from $270 to $370 per head.

Aragawa Restaurant, Kobe, Japan

Their premium selection of beef dishes, like Wagyu and Kobe is enough to give you a different perspective about eating meat. All the beef that the restaurant serves has been raised in the best conditions possible, hence the taste and the exorbitant price. 

3. Le Louis XV 

Perhaps one of the world’s best restaurants is the romantic and ultra-luxurious Le Louis XV restaurant in Monaco. The lavish interiors of the space perfectly match the exceptional cooking standard that you would only find in Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse restaurant.

Louis XV Restaurant, Monaco

It’s no wonder why the restaurant is popular for couples celebrating anniversaries and engagements. 

4. Ultraviolet

If you have at least $570 to $900 to spend per person, then you might want to head to Shanghai. The uber-expensive Ultraviolet restaurant provides diners with an incredibly personal dining experience; the restaurant has only one table, which can sit up to 10 people. Dining guests can enjoy 10-20 tasting courses, with each one presented in a unique fashion.

Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China

This three-Michelin star restaurant also boasts the tradition of making guests dine with all their senses (including audio and visual effects). Plus, you don’t have to worry about calling the wait staff, as there are three waiters assigned per guest. To make the experience as unforgettable as possible, make sure to pack your most fashionable skirts from Dainty Jewells to match the theme. 

5. Sublimotion

With a price tag of $2,380 per head, Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain is the world’s most expensive restaurant. For that amount, guests can enjoy 20 courses of a tasting menu, lasting for three hours.

Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain

A team of 25 professionals will present the meal one by one, but you have to carefully time your visit to this luxurious restaurant because they are only open for a few months: from June 1 to September 30th. The restaurant is headed by Chef Paco Roncero, awarded with two Michelin stars. 

Now, you have this list of the most luxurious restaurants worldwide. You can start planning your calendar to visit all of them the soonest time possible!

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