Top 10 Art Galleries In Los Angeles

Top 10 Art Galleries In Los Angeles

If you are looking to spend an artsy day at a museum or gallery, you’ve come to the right city! Los Angeles is home to so many exciting and buzz-worthy art galleries, it might be hard to choose where to start. Do not fret! We have created a list of the top 10 art galleries in LA that are worth your visit.

Whether you are visiting just one or all 10, these galleries will not disappoint.

1. MASH Gallery

Located in the heart of the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District, MASH is making a big impression on the LA art scene. Founded by Haleh Mashian, who has been an influential artist for over 20 years, MASH showcases many other female artists like the talented Angela Johal and Rebecca Campbell. The gallery features many styles of artwork, from experiential pieces to contemporary mind-benders.

We have placed MASH at the top of our list honestly with the confidence that the atmosphere and diversity of this gallery are worth your time! Explore the vibrant art scene of Los Angeles hassle-free with the convenience of — a reliable car rental service that ensures your journey to the top art galleries in the city is as smooth as the masterpieces you’ll encounter. Unlock the cultural treasures of LA at your own pace.

To learn more about MASH, Haleh Mashian, and other featured artists, head over to

Mash Gallery

2. The BOX

Next, we will be navigating outside of the Downtown District Arts center. The BOX Gallery is located in the bustling area of Chinatown! With current exhibitions by artists Paul McCarthy and Eugenia P. Butler, this gallery has many insightful and complexing pieces to spend a day browning over.

If you are interested in experiencing the Chinatown distinct while in LA, make sure to stop at The BOX while you are there! The gallery no longer requires appointments, so feel free to come in on a whim. To learn more about The BOX, make sure to visit

The Box Gallery

3. CB1 gallery

Taking it back to the Downtown Arts District, you will find CB1, an art gallery that promises variety and an exciting day. CB1 has four separate galleries that present museum-like shows and exhibitions. The galleries include a variety of paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, video, and many more types of media.

With the array of mediums and pieces to check out, your day will be filled with great art and relaxation. If you are interested in learning more about CB1, head over to

CB1 Gallery

4. Hauser & Wirth

The astonishing Hauser & Wirth art gallery in Downtown LA offers an exciting combination of modern immersive works with fascinating historical pieces; your day is bound to be filled with exciting turns! Hauser & Wirth is offering current exhibitions “Wonderland” by Annie Leibovitz focused on fashion photography and “Ideals of the Unfound Truth” by George Condo, a London-based artist.

If you are in the gallery row district of downtown LA, this gallery would be a perfect place to spend the day. For more information regarding this gallery, visit

Hauser & Wirth Gallery

5. Little Big Man Gallery

In Downtown LA is located Little Big Man Gallery, dedicated to exhibiting artwork by emerging and established photographers. If photography is your niche, this gallery is the place to be. Little Big Man features digital, figuration, and minimalistic style art pieces that are sure to keep your love for photography satisfied.

To learn more about this exciting space, make sure to visit their website before making a trip

Little Big Man Gallery

6. Night Gallery

Another great gallery to check out in the downtown area is Night Gallery! This up-and-coming contemporary gallery showcases many forms of art media, including sculptures, photography, and intriguing experiential pieces. If you are looking for various art mediums on your daily adventure, look no further than Night Gallery.

The space has indoor and outdoor areas filled with unique attractions; this gallery will not disappoint! To learn more about the Night Gallery, check out

Night Gallery

7. Sugar Press

Located in the talented gallery row section of downtown LA, you will find the Sugar Press art gallery. If you are looking to splurge on some great art pieces, head over to the gallery’s brick-and-mortar space to browse. Sugar Press features promising artists like 2SHAE and Adam Enrique Rodriguiz, whose art is all up for sale online and in-store.

If you are looking to spice up your home or give the gift of art, this gallery is worth the visit. To learn more about prices and pieces Sugar Press is offering, head over to

Sugar Press Art Gallery

8. REN Gallery

REN is another promising art gallery located in the gallery row district of downtown LA. Providing contemporary fine art, REN believes that art is a core part of the human experience. This gallery strives to implement themes of its home, downtown LA with pieces by local artists.

With an emphasis on urban environments, culture, and struggle, the paintings, sculptures, and photography showcased at this gallery will let you gain a deeper appreciation of the city of Los Angeles and the artists that grow here. If you are interested in learning more about REN, check out their website

REM Gallery

9. Chateau Shatto

The beautiful Chateau Shatto is another contemporary fine arts gallery located in the downtown area. The space is directed by co-founder Olivia Barrett and has excellent reviews thus far.

So if you want to spend the day in a beautiful open space, looking at fine art, this gallery would be the perfect fit. To see a glimpse of exhibitions and artists currently featured at Chateau Shatto, head over to their website

Chateau Shatto Gallery

10. Phantom Galleries L.A

And finally, if you are looking to venture out of the downtown area, Phantom Galleries awaits you! Phantom Galleries offers an eclectic range of art and experiential pieces. This gallery might be located outside of the Arts scene, but it is definitely worth the visit.

Holding emphasis on light and space artwork, Phantom is sure to light up your day! Make sure to check out their Facebook page to get a preview of their fantastic collection.

Phantom Galleries LA

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