4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Luxury Wedding

4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Luxury Wedding

Planning a wedding can be difficult, especially since you have to consider many things throughout the planning process. Selecting a theme, finding a venue, and inviting your guests can be a daunting task, but doing all this will be worthwhile once you experience the result.

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable events in your life, so it is natural for you to want to make it luxurious and elegant. Whether you are thinking of adding some 20 inch wedding sparklers or booking a musician for your reception, there are several ways to bring your luxury wedding ideas to life. You can even do so without having to break the bank!

1. Pick the Right Venue

One of the best ways you can elevate your wedding is by choosing an exotic or unique venue. For instance, having your wedding in a botanical garden or heritage home will not only look eye-catching but will also allow you to spend less on decorations. 

Wedding dinner in greenhouse

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even plan your wedding in an aquarium. Just imagine having your ceremony in front of your guests and a beautiful aquarium backdrop–this is truly an eye-catcher! You can also have a destination wedding, which will allow you to trim your guest list and focus expenses on food, decorations, and other things. 

Think about hosting your reception in the Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi, one of the pioneers in providing indulgence and relaxation.

2. Cocktail Reception

Although the buffet reception has been a classic, there is just something about a cocktail reception that exudes elegance. 

High table for cocktail reception

You can opt to have an upscale cocktail reception where butlers go around serving hors-d’oeuvres. This arrangement will allow your guests to interact with each other while still enjoying the program. If you still want to have a bit of the buffet set-up, you can opt for something fun and have a chocolate fountain or dessert bar installed.

3. Color Scheme

Every luxury wedding must have a uniform color palette, which consistently shows in the event venue. Having a color scheme not only photographs but also gives a sense of cohesion. For example, combining rose gold, powder, and dusty blue works well for a more vintage theme, while combining eggplant, eucalyptus, and thistle give off a bolder but equally elegant vibe.

Color scheme for a unique luxury wedding

4. Decorations

You may have found the perfect engagement ring for your special day, and are now up to planning out your wedding decorations. To make your tables look elegant and luxurious, you can use 20-inch wedding sparklers for centerpieces. 

You can place the wedding sparklers alone in a vase or add them to a flower arrangement. Adding the sparklers makes your tables look like you spent a ton of time and effort to put it together.

Decoration idea for a luxury wedding

If you are into a more earthy theme, you can opt to add greenery to upscale the appeal of your venue. For instance, you can add some artificial branches or a sophisticated garland near the entrance so guests can walk past them and take photographs. Likewise, you can take the extra step by installing smoke machines or light projectors to get the attention of your audience. 

Planning your dream luxury wedding may seem like a challenge, but it does not always have to be one! Naturally, you will have to take time before things are set in stone, but once you have all your plans ready, the experience will be worthwhile. After that, you can then enjoy a first-class airplane ride to your dream destination.

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