The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and the womanly figures in your life deserve the best. The women in your life may all have different interests, maybe even dog moms! We understand that finding the perfect gift can be challenging, so here is our list that will wow them this Mother’s Day.

Different styles, different gifts. Whatever you wish to offer a luxurious experience, or a tangible gift, find below our ultimate guide for mother’s day. Not because you have to, but simply because they deserve it!

A Spa day in an exclusive cosmetic institute

Everyone loves to be pampered, your mother is no exception. Reward her by offering a high-end experience in a beautiful spa location with several body and facial treatments, so she can feel rejuvenated.

Biologique Recherche Ambassade in Paris

There are plenty of places proposing such wonderful service, but our preference goes to the Biologique Recherche’s ambassade in Paris, right on the Champs-Elysées. Located in an exclusive private mansion, completely renovated with a contemporary design, they offer efficient treatments supported by state-of-art diagnosis machines.

Have a look here.

A bright, vibrant beach towel for Summer days

Have a beach goer in your life? Consider purchasing the perfect beach towel for their frequent trips out to the ocean! Try a fun, vibrant, poly-cotton towel that is so unique and thoughtful that it will bring the biggest smile on your mom’s face when she opens up your gift.

MASH City beach towel

Check out MASH City’s Retro Towel that also doubles as a dazzling piece of art. Made by the leading artist Haleh Mashian, these towels will add a long-lasting piece of art into your mother’s closet and leave her admiring it for years to come.

Check it out here.

Comfortable face masks to add some color into their wardrobe

It’s evident that face masks have become a part of our everyday lives, so why not help your mom make it an exciting, everyday experience by gifting them the most comfortable, luxurious and fashionable face masks around.

Fashionable face mask

These fashionable face masks made by Wheat Boutique are made domestically with so much care and attention. They are soft, making sure to not irritate the skin, and trendy, giving customers the option to choose from so many different patterns and designs!

Check it out here.

Luxurious dog treats and accessories for their beloved pups

Have a dog owner in your life? Help them find the most luxurious and tastiest treats to treat their pups with the love and care they deserve! These French inspired macaron treats from Bonne et Filou will surely impress whomever you gift them to this Mother’s Day.

Bonne et Filou macarons for dogs

Bonne et Filou also carries a line of pet treat bowls, making the entire experience the most Instagramable moment to post this Mother’s Day. Their treats are hand-made and crafted with human grade ingredients. The treats come in three flavors, lavender, strawberry, and mint.

Check them out here.

A Champagne worthy of the most glamorous Mom in the world

Billionaires Row is made with the finest ingredients and incredible distilling processes. Brut Rose is their most popular drink, seen being enjoyed by the likes of the Kardashians and Mark Zuckerberg.

Billionaires Row Champagne

It’s also one of the ONLY black owned Champagne companies in the world, and is recognized by the French Government who definitely know their Champagne! Only the best for mom!

Their Brut Rose is one of kind. Get it here.

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