The Luxurious Life Of Young Millionaires: Cars, Clothes, Partying

young millionaires

You wouldn’t think hitting the millionaire jackpot before turning 30 is a thing, but can’t deny the facts, it’s happening. Let’s spill the tea on different ways these young guns are raking in the moolah and what makes them tick.

Different routes to wealth

There are ways to achieve wealth. Either you choose your path or it chooses you, it may be that you’re one-of-a-kind. However, most likely there will be famous people who walk the same path. Which path, you ask? Let’s take a look.

The go-getter: hustling on all fronts

Think the serial entrepreneurs. These folks aren’t putting their eggs in one basket. Nope, they’re throwing them into every basket they can find. Usually got a finger in every pie from tech startups to streetwear fashion.

  • Want a pointer? Let’s say Elon Musk – the Tony Stark of our era. He’s juggling space exploration, electric cars, brain-computer interfaces, and a side hustle in sustainable energy. Talk about spinning plates. 

“But he’s way over 30!” you’d say. We’d parry with the fact that his career started years ago when he was not even 20.

Michael and Matthew Vegan-Sanz

Talking about young millionaires under 30: Matthew and Michael Vega-Sanz. Twins entrepreneurs know their ways in the digital sphere. Started with a mere car-sharing app, they now own plenty of startups from logistics and shipping to AI and insurance.

Tech prodigies: code kings and queens

A real tech prodigy can turn lines of code into a pot of gold. Apps, software, whatever they touch turns from zeroes and ones into dollar signs. It’s like they’re playing a high-stakes game of Tetris with her bank account.

  • Remember that Microsoft, Google, and Meta (Facebook) were just small startups at first, living either in the heads of their founders or in their garages and basements. Now everyone knows the names Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

Back to the end of 2023. Kelsey Szot and Maxwell Nye are part of the crew over at Adept, a cool AI research lab working on these digital sidekicks that do all the clicking and typing for you. Szot used to be the brains behind AI models and tech stuff at Google, and Nye was deep into the AI game at MIT. And now guess what? They are part of the young millionaires club.

Money in the market: financial wizards at play

These guys aren’t launching rockets or writing code, but they’re making money work for them. They’re the Wall Street wizards, playing the market like a seasoned poker player. With the right moves, they’re turning cents into dollars.

  • Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, embodies this approach. As they say “gambled on the international stock exchange and lost”, this guy certainly won. A lot.

Speaking of someone younger than a century, Brandon Arvanaghi and Bryce Crawford are in the spotlight. Their hustle, Meow, saved desperate entrepreneurs when Silicon Valley Bank tanked. It’s a slick digital bank where businesses score from U.S. Treasuries. In a month, they hit $1 billion in assets, making $500 million. 

Living the dream: turning passion into profit

The creative visionaries are turning their passions into piles of cash. Kylie Jenner, with her beauty empire, is a prime example of how to do what you love and make a whole fortune from it. The quintessence of young millionaires!

kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner

Jenner’s not even 30 yet and she’s already at the top of the world. But some celebrities are only at the foot of the mountain they’re gonna climb to success. 

  • Let’s say rapper Latto who’s eyeing a $12 million payday in 2023 (up from $3 million last year).

Latto’s rise to “Big Energy” stardom wasn’t overnight. DIY tours in Atlanta from age 10, talent shows, and mixtape handouts in Walmart lots paved her way. The breakout hit “B*tch from da Souf” in 2019 snagged her an RCA Records deal. Now, juggling appearances, music royalties, brand deals, and a tour with Lizzo. With Grammy nods and Coachella gigs, she’s teasing a 2024 business move. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the hustle.

Real estate royalty: building wealth brick by brick

Property is power, and real estate moguls are cashing in on the housing market. Donald Trump, before his political days, made a fortune in the real estate game.

  • Shall we look into the future and call Michael Dunn Goekjian the next Trump? The guy is not only in real estate but also involved in politics. Moguls like him are building empires, one property at a time. It’s like they’re playing SimCity but for real.

Goekjian is steering the ship at Apollo, leading the charge on the acquisition of Credit Suisse’s Securitized Products Group, now known as “Atlas SP Partners.” With $40 billion in assets, the focus is on asset-backed lending. 

Capitalizing on success

Now, what do these young millionaires do with all that dough? 

Check out Kylie Jenner’s glam life – it’s all over her socials and the paparazzi snapshots. From posh possessions to fancy getaways and swanky events, she’s flaunting it on Instagram and Snapchat. The media dives in too, capturing candid moments and public appearances. It’s the classic mix of celeb socials and media hype, giving us a front-row seat to their high-profile world. 

The line between personal posts and media buzz? Well, it gets a bit blurry, shaping how we see their rich and famous lifestyle.

However, while some are chilling on luxury yachts, others are hiding in plain sight. Take Bryce Crawford, for instance. He’s not splurging on Ferraris, he’s sipping his morning coffee from a regular mug like you. Can you believe it? The audacity!

High rollers and chillers: online casino adventures

Alright, online casinos – the virtual roulette of the digital age. The allure of online casinos beckons many, and young millionaires are no exception, but their approach varies. Some treat it as a recreational pastime, while others see it as another high-stakes game, similar to the experience at

We can’t say about everyone since not many of them post such things on their social media, but something we do know.

Alana Goyal
Alana Goyal

Alana Goyal, for example, sees a visit to a casino as a night out without leaving the couch, a game to unwind. Michael Vega-Sanz? He’s treating it like the stock market, a calculated risk with neon lights. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the thrill. Talk about millenials habits that match personalities.

For these folks, hitting the slots or playing cards is just a bit of fun – not exactly a mission to snag a jackpot. But you know what? There are those out there who’ve turned casino games into a goldmine and walked away with a hefty chunk of change.


Look, not everyone can ride the young millionaires wave. These folks are playing a different game, and not everyone’s got the cards for it. Life’s too short to stress over zeroes in your bank account. 

Don’t go all in like Dylan Mulvaney did. Learn from the mistakes of Brandon Arvanaghi, who played it cool and made a killing. Stay disciplined, know when to fold ’em, and never bet the rent money. It’s a gamble, not a get-rich-quick scheme. Cheers!

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