The 10 World’s Best Interior Designers

The 10 World’s Best Interior Designers

The design industry is tough to grow on its own, yet some interior designers have worked hard to have success and make a name for their brand. The years spent, the clients they worked with, the talent and sweat put in it has brought sound to these names. Here they are. 

An interior designer is part of the space making; they get involved in the construction process and also in renovations. Interior designers have an eye for the architecture of a space and get involved with project specifications and the development of floors, moldings, lighting, floor plans, electrical plans and plumbing plans. 

Here is our list of 10 amazing interior designers to discover in the world.

# 1 Barrie Livingstone

Barrie Livingstone is an accomplished British-born Interior Designer and Real Estate agent. His projects go from Los Angeles, California to Dubai. Barrie is based in Malibu and has designed projects all around the world. He is also a Realtor, Author, and an Industry Influencer. 

Some of Barrie’s projects are, Cher’s Malibu Residence, Bath Club Miami Beach, Ocean Place and, HGTV/Shohfi House. He also opened his own store called “House of Barrie ” in Los Angeles, California. all items for sale are distinctive and different from any other. They will carry brands like Port 68, Michael Aram, Anne Selke, and more. 

# 2 Fernanda Marques

Considered one of the best Interior Designers in Brazil, Fernanda Marques offers architecture, interior and product design; most of her projects raise the clients expectations because she also designs the products that are placed in the spaces. 

She has a very clean and contemporary style, she believes that not all trends fit perfectly in any space. Fernanda has had projects in Malibu and Barbizon área residence in Sao Paulo also in Miami, London and Lisbon. Fernanda was also chosen to be a permanent member of the Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern gallery, in London, for Latin America.

# 3 Ivy’s Design

Ivana Bukvic is a creative and entrepreneur Interior Designer. She is based in Berlin and is known for the transformation of Berlin’s historic building. Her principle is to “Make ideas happen.“ Ivana is an Interior Designer who makes her clients part of the process because she offers solutions “Inspired by you. Inspiring for you.” as found on her website. 

She has had both commercial and residential projects, such as coworking spaces, patisserie craft and apartments.

# 4 Jamie Bush + Co

Architect Jamie Bush is an Interior Designer based in Los Angeles but raised in Long Island. He founded “Jamie Bush + Co.” in 2002, and has since worked on some historical residential modernist homes in the US. 

“His ethos has always been to approach the design of a space as one holistic vision.” as read on his website, Jamie has a unique design with the foundation of the natural world. His eye in design is to focus on unsung heroes of mid-century modern residential architecture.

# 5 Jorge Cañete

Jorge Cañete is a Swiss Interior Designer with a poetic approach to design. He did not plan to be an Interior Designer but was led to it and has won many awards since.

“The ultra-personalized approach of the studio INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY suggests creating projects that are inspired by the environment, by the location itself, as well as the client’s personality.” 

# 6 Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba are Interior designers based in Italy and combina contemporary vision to the needs of society. This approach makes them design products that can be long-lasting. They offer architecture, interior, industrial, exhibit and graphic design.

The purpose of their vision is to provide a space of wellbeing for the clients.

# 7 Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee is an Interior Designer based in Korea. He is also a product designer, he uses ancient enameling processes for his product designs. Kwangho built many objects as a child and this is where his passion for design came along. 

He’s had many group projects and international exhibitions like Design Miami Basel, and Design Days Dubai.Some of his work has been included in the permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

# 8 Andre Guitierrez

Andres Gutierrez, A-G is an Interior Design firm located in Mexico City. His design’s objective is to give meaning of expression through his contemporary, alternative vision. His projects each have an individual global trend that inspired the space “and always exalt Mexican history and culture as part of its seal.”

Andres’ projects are born from the concept of research and the personal history of the clients. He likes to tell stories and accomplish sentimental connections between the user and the spaces. 

# 9 Marilyn Katsaris

Marilyn Katsaris based in Athens is an interior architect and designer. She has services in retail design and to other clients. She also designs furniture and lights which she sometimes includes in her projects. 

Marilyn has done projects in Greece, New York and London. Marilyn’s Interior Design has also made it to Yacht interior design. 

# 10 Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch started off as a fashion designer and led to interior design. “Yovanovitch’s signature haute couture aesthetic combines his mastery of volumes, proportions and light with a particular inclination for raw and refined materials.”

His design is very luxurious and unique, and his vision is detail oriented and architecture. He makes sure that the elements in each space are custom-designed and artisan objects. 

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