Personalize Your Engagement Ring With Meaningful Touches

Personalize Your Engagement Ring With Meaningful Touches

Some engagement rings are minimalist, others are elaborate. No matter the style, couples can incorporate design details and personal touches that make their ring a representation of their unique relationship. Let’s see explicitely how with TACORI engagement ring collection.

TACORI is a jewelry house, specialized in made-to-order and fully customizable wedding and engagement rings where each ring is one-of-a-kind.

Nadine Tacorian Azerounian, Head of Design at TACORI, says, “Couples have always wanted to make their ring their own. And today, we’re seeing customers opt for styles with hidden details that represent their story and showcase their personality.”

Let’s go further by highlighting some of Azerounian’s favorite ways to personalize an engagement ring.

Add a hidden halo to your engagement ring

hidden halo is a row of small accent diamonds that are set just beneath the center stone of an engagement ring. It adds a beautiful sparkle and can have special meaning for the couple. Additionally, the hidden halo can symbolize the depth and layers of their relationship. Its placement underneath the center stone also serves as a reminder that beauty can be found in unexpected places.

Hidden halo by TACORI

Azerounian opted for a hidden halo – which TACORI calls a hidden bloom – in her own Simply TACORI engagement ring. “When my hidden bloom catches the sunlight, it flashes an unexpected beam of beauty, and reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for,” says Azerounian. 

Choose fancy-cut diamonds

“I love when a woman chooses a fancy cut diamond because it reflects the wearer’s uniqueness,” says Azerounian. From marquise to pear, fancy-cut diamonds put an unexpected twist on an engagement ring. And the placement of fancy-cut diamonds isn’t limited to the center stone. For example, a three-stone engagement ring allows you to incorporate more than one type of fancy-cut diamond into your ring’s crown. 

Fancy-cut diamond rings by TACORI
Fancy-cut diamond rings by TACORI

By pairing a traditional round-brilliant center stone with two fancy-cut diamonds on either side, you can create a ring that truly stands out from the crowd. Not only does this design offer a beautiful contrast of shapes, but it also adds depth and texture to the overall look of the ring. And with the added symbolism of the three-stone representing the past, present, and future of your relationship, it’s a meaningful design choice. 

Accentuate with milgrain

Milgrain is a decorative technique where small, beaded edges are added to a jewelry piece. For engagement rings, this technique creates intricate patterns and added texture. It’s often added to the foundation in combination with other decorative techniques, such as filigree and engraving. 

Milgrain rings by TACORI

Azerounian recently reimagined TACORI’s iconic Dantela collection, distinguishing by lace-like, milgrain-edged tracery. The milgrain that decorates the alluringly complex filigree beneath the crown and on the ring’s inner face is of course made entirely by the hands of TACORI artisans. The microscopic nuances in the hand-hewn detailing give each Dantela ring a storied dimension and are a perfect testament to how hand craftsmanship can breathe vibrancy and intimacy into a piece of jewelry. 

Decorate with accent diamonds

There are a million and one ways to decorate your ring’s foundation with smaller accent diamonds. Pavé diamonds, for instance, are small, intricately set stones that create a dazzling, diamond-intense surface on the ceiling of your ring. On the other hand, pinpoint diamonds on your ring’s inner face add a delicate, subtle sparkle. There are accent diamonds to suit almost any ring style – be it opulent or minimalist. 

Rings with accent diamonds by TACORI
Rings with accent diamonds by TACORI

The beauty of accent diamonds doesn’t just lie in the appearance alone; it also lies in the craftsmanship behind the piece.

“The fact that each accent diamond is set by hand at TACORI makes pavé even more alluring. It creates a personal touch and a storied detail that connects the artisan with the wearer. The artisans carefully select and set each diamond, infusing the ring with their skill, dedication and artistry,” says Azerounian. 

Above all, TACORI pieces are exceptional symbols of thoughtful celebration. Never generic or formulaic, their original approach remixes elegance, a point of view that combines discerning design with unexpected details. I hope these tips help you to create an engagement ring that represents your beautiful love story.

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