MoonLashes, a high-end cutlery by Vera Pure

MoonLashes cutlery collection

Tableware is one of the essential elements for a classy home interior. I decided to highlight here an avant-garde cutlery line – MoonLashes – created by VERA PURE, an emerging brand that instills quality and aesthetic in its products.

Among the plethora of tableware collections, it became difficult to find qualitative, elegant and not mass-produced cutlery set that makes a dining table unique. This is precisely why MoonLashes by VERA PURE attracted me: some rare and unusual ustensils that has to be made by hand, a stunning avant-garde design by the architect Vera Purtscher and a faultless stainless steel finishing. For sure, they will impress guests and cause questions!


MoonLashes cutlery - Stainless steel set

MoonLashes cutlery – Stainless steel set

The first thing you notice when handling MoonLashes pieces is definitely the asymmetrical design. Usual lines are destructured in order to give specific ergonomy for left or righthanders, which is particularly visible on spoons but not only.

Then of course the second most remarkable aspect of this cutlery collection is the long handle. This element participates to the avant-garde design and makes the overall very elegant, timeless on the table; I have to say that the association fork-knife really meets excellence.


In term of finishing, the MoonLashes are manufactured in highly polished stainless steel (CrNi 18/10) as standard. From top to toe each piece we received is absolutely flawless and even their weight is a guarantee of quality.

By the way some other surfaces are available at higher charge, such as silver-coated (90g or 180g), titanized or gold-coated. Anyway these individually produced refinements require a high degree of handicraft, regardless of the precious raw materials.

About the company

VERA PURE is a family-run company based on two pillars:

[columns_row width=”third-and-two-thirds”] [column]Vera Purtscher[/column] [column]Vera Purtscher: architect, artist and head designer behind VERA PURE. Her innovative yet timeless creations bear her signature committed to excellence. In her early days at University, she was deeply impressed by and strived for more knowledge about the Japanese culture. A long and intense tie to Italy is the other deep inspiration for her oeuvres. The key principles in her design philosophy are the learning from nature’s beauty and sustainability.[/column] [/columns_row][columns_row width=”third-and-two-thirds”] [column]Johannes Purtscher[/column] [column]Gio: CEO of the company. After graduating from his master studies in International Management at the WU Vienna and in International Marketing at the Bocconi in Milan, Gio started to work as Assistant of a Member to the Austrian Parliament. Later on he was part of the team of the Vice-President of the European Parliament in Bruxelles. In 2014 Gio took over the Sales and Distribution for VERA PURE and became CEO in 2016.[/column] [/columns_row]


This is a sponsored press review, but it reflects 100% of my opinion and thoughts.

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