Why MMA Training Is A Good Option For Your Summer Workout Routine

Why MMA Training Is A Good Option For Your Summer Workout Routine

With the popularity of MMA consistently increasing and UFC 263 on June 12, it seems like now is as good of a time as ever to get into the sport.  While you do not need to get fully into mastering a mixed martial art, wrestling, and boxing – you can take aspects from them and follow a MMA training for your workout routines this summer.

Why should you follow MMA training for exercise?

From being a superb cardio exercise to being an outdoor activity you can do with your friends, there are plenty of reasons you should consider mixed martial arts training this summer. On top of that, don’t forget to keep looking after your skin with a luxury skincare routine!

Sparring with a boxing partner at the gym

You Can Exercise Outside

No one wants to be stuck exercising inside all summer, making MMA training a great way to get exercise outside. While you will want to avoid hard surfaces such as concrete, your backyard, a park, or the beach are good places to get exercise. Mornings and evenings are also recommended if you live somewhere with extreme heat.

It is a Great Cardio Workout

MMA, especially when grappling and wrestling, is one of the most intense cardio workouts. This aspect of MMA involves intense physical exertion for short bursts with rest in between. The style allows for high-intensity workouts with more extended periods of rest – something some people may find more effective than traditional cardio workouts such as jogging and biking.

Cardio workout for MMA training

You can do it with your Friend

Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and reach goals. Doing an MMA workout with a friend adds even more fun to it. You can train and progress together, learning and having fun as you do it. Just make sure you pick a friend of a similar size and athleticism – as the sport is based around that.

You do not need much Equipment

Since you do not need too much equipment – outside of gloves, some bags and pad, and maybe a mat – it is pretty easy to get everything to do this exercise. Also, since everything is light, it is easy to take with you. Or bring it with you if you are choosing to workout outdoors.

But Also, Why You Should Not

For some people, it may not work what they want to work. For others, it may be a bit too risky. And for many, it may require too much patience and learning that it is difficult to achieve without additional help. Here are reasons MMA training may not be your ideal exercise this summer.

MMA training requires patience and learning

You Probably Need a Trainer

MMA and many of the disciplines fighters focus on require experience to do. While you can learn some basics yourself – for some enough to get in a good sweat – to really understand what they are doing likely requires a trainer. There is nothing wrong with hiring a trainer. But some people may not want to spend the money and want to look elsewhere.

Risk of Injury to Yourself or Training Partner

It is all fun and games until you or your partner accidentally gets punched in the face. While this is avoidable if you train correctly, some people may not have coordination and risk some – hopefully only minor injuries – if they choose this exercise.

Working out with a trainer

It may not Work what you want it to Work

If you have specific goals from exercising, MMA training may not be the best workout for you. If you are looking to build muscle and bulk up, MMA training may only be good for your cardio days. However, if you are not dedicated to learning the craft and skills, you may want to choose another exercise for your cardio.

So Should You? It is really all up to you. If you are just looking for a fun exercise that can help your cardio and build some lean muscle, it could be a perfect choice. If you are looking for specific gains in training, it may be best to avoid it, only do it as a warm-up or one day a week.

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