La Reserve Paris, An Afternoon Into High-End World

Indoor pool - Picture by La Réserve

November is the beginning of the cold season in Paris, during which we like to pamper ourselves at home in a warm atmosphere. That can be also a good time to relax in a luxury cocoon, away from business life, enjoying fine-dining or spa treatments in a refined environment. This is exactly what I did at La Reserve Paris, spending an exclusive afternoon in that parisian Palace.

I went to La Reserve Paris by a very sunny day of November with the ambition to enjoy a lavish and peaceful afternoon. That place has been awarded “Best hotel in the world” by Conde Nast survey in 2017, has also a certain reputation of excellence and exclusiveness in the city, so I was very excited to go there.

I booked a lunch at La Pagode de Cos restaurant and a facial spa treatment by Nescens at La Reserve Paris Spa. And guess what? It was unforgettable!

Lunch at La Pagode de Cos

La Pagode de Cos is a chic and elegant casual venue, with about 15 tables and a classical decor. The kitchen is shared with the two Michelin stars restaurant Le Gabriel, managed by Chef Jérôme Banctel.

Lunch at La Pagode de Cos - Appetizer

Appetizer – Prawns

During my visit the atmosphere was very refined with a clientele of local businessmen and a few tourists. I received a warm welcome from the waiter who checked my reservation and brought me promptly to my table.

Lunch at La Pagode de Cos - Starter Butternut soup

Starter – Butternut soup

From the casual dining menu, I chose to have a 3-courses lunch. I started with a Butternut velvety and chestnut chips: very creamy, sweet, perfectly balanced with the crack of the chestnut. A classical dish brilliantly executed.

Lunch at La Pagode de Cos - Main dish Angus beef and homemade purée

Main dish – Angus beef with homemade potatoes purée

Then I continued with an Angus beef skewer marinated in satay and its mashed potatoes. The beef was incredible while the puree together with the satay sauce was a great combination. Not to be missed, the bread and churned butter were also de-li-cious.

Lunch at La Pagode de Cos - Dessert green lime meringue pie

Dessert – Green lime meringue pie

Finally, to achieve that delightful moment I took a homemade lime green meringue pie. That’s a pretty heavy dessert, maybe too much for me, but it was tasty – not too sweet – and super good. A pleasant ending for a faultless lunch, thanks to the kitchen and the amazing waiters.

Spa treatment by Nescens

La Reserve Spa offers 24/24 access to a large 16-meter heated pool, hammam and a fitness center. Guests can also book Spa treatments from 9am to 9pm and enjoy a well-being massage or anti-aging treatment with cosmeceutical Nescens products.

La Réserve Spa

La Réserve Spa

This is precisely what I did after my lunch at La Pagode de Cos. I went for a 60-min anti-aging facial treatment for men and I don’t regret my choice: that was so relaxful!

La Réserve Spa

La Réserve Spa

First, my therapists introduced the “Nescens-Swiss anti-aging science” and carefully checked my skin before selecting the relevant products to apply. 60 minutes and a cleansing + exfoliating + moisturizing later, the difference was clearly visible: a fresher face with signs of ageing slightly reduced. Thank you Nescens :)


Exclusiveness is truly the perfect keyword to define La Reserve Paris: it’s a club reserved for world finest travelers and most elegant local people. From the moment you pass the huge red doors, you enter into a high-end world and you won’t forget it, whatever it is for an afternoon or for a several-days stay.


Visited on November 21st, 2018 – Sponsored media visit.

La Reserve Paris opened in 2015, is composed of 40 rooms & suites and received in 2017 the famous Palace distinction. The restaurant La Pagode de Cos offers 3-courses lunch for 67€, 4-courses dinner for 95€ and La Reserve Spa proposes Nescens treatments starting from 200€ for 1 hour.

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75008 Paris, France.

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