La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream, World’s Most Expensive Skincare

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream, World’s Most Expensive Skincare

La Prairie is definitely the finest skincare brand in the world. The Platinum Rare collection is one of its most famous and expensive product line. But does it worth it? I will answer that question in the conclusion. Let’s focus on the Platinum Rare Cellular Cream, currently the most trendy cream when it comes to luxury skincare and daily routine.

Created a decade ago, La Prairie Platinum Rare collection is known to offer unparalleled rejuvenating properties. With a formula refined years after years, this exclusive product line proposes a complete skincare routine composed of a lotion, serum, cellular cream, eye cream and night elixir.

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If you had to choose just one La Prairie Platinum Rare product for your daily ritual, the Cellular Cream would be for sure the right one. Let me explain why.


Anyone who already purchased a La Prairie item knows it: this brand has a strong savoir-faire in packaging. The cubic box is very chic and qualitative ; the heavy weight makes it even more luxurious. Then when you open it you discover the container itself and, well… that’s by far the finest I ever seen.

La Prairie Platinum Rare – Full packaging

First, that’s a superb glass design: sophisticated, elegant, graphical. In your bathroom, it can’t be missed. Then, that’s a faultless production: despite it’s weight, it opens smoothly and gives the feeling to handle an exclusive high-end product. A jewelry piece!

High quality of cream protection and spatula

The small detail that makes the difference, the spatula by La Prairie. It incorporates the alchemical symbol for platinum made by joining the symbols of silver and gold. Much more chic to use the cream :)

Scent and consistency

The Platinum Rare Cellular Cream is more dense and thick than Skin Caviar Liquid Lift or White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire from the same brand. On the skin it feels definitely rich and the sensation is very pleasant.

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream – Opened container

It spreads smooth and I’ve notice the skin absorbs relatively quickly. At the end, the cream has a glowy finish without feeling too matte or too oily. It also has illuminating particles that reflects the light, which creates an impeccable almost perfect skin naturally and instantly although it isn’t as highly advertised and priced as their most recent launch La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir (treatment concentrate for night time).


The official list of Platinum Rare Cellular Cream’s benefits is quite extensive:

  • Helps to restore and maintain skin’s firmness, moisture and long-lasting hydratation.
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of expression lines and winkles.
  • Transforms visible signs of aging without modifying skin texture and tone.

The heart of this “magic” is the platinum peptide, essential ingredient of the Platinum Rare collection. Enhanced with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, the formula targets components of the extracellular matrix for a skin’s rejuvenated appearance and firming. Amazing anti-aging product!

What can I say on this? Well, the cream is really active. I mean, when I tried it for the first time, I felt a true difference compare to my past Clarins anti-aging skincare. I was a bit red at the beginning but after 10-15 min it disappeared. Honestly my tone was visibly younger and several friends noticed it, which never happened with any other cream before. So, yes it WORKS !

One remark: if you know you have a sensitive skin, just ask for a sample before purchasing. You need to check if your skin is fine with it.


Back to my original question: does it worth the expense? La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream gives youthful looking, and brightens with a beautiful glow to skin instantly upon application. To me, it definitely worth the EUR 1,095 asked for 50ml. I have been impressed in the past by some premium skincare but here we are really talking about the creme de la creme on luxury market. Another remark : this is a unisex cream, everyone can benefit from its strong rejuvenating properties.

Buy Platinum Rare Cellular Cream 50ml – EUR 1,095

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