How to Transition to Permanent Remote Work

How to Transition to Permanent Remote Work

Remote work was thrust upon millions of displeased employees during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we discovered that it was an unexpectedly good fit for some of us. For many, the thought of a daily commute to the office is no longer on the cards. If this sounds familiar, we will show you how to work remotely in sunny destinations.

Tailor your job

If your role successfully transitioned from the office to remote working, put your case forward to your employer and see if they would consider adjusting your working conditions permanently. You might find that they are happy to free up the desk space.

Transitioning to full-time home office

If your current employer will not consider exclusively working online, ask about a hybrid working model. Executives, CEOs and management teams often find it works best when employees spend part of their time in the office collaborating with colleagues and then working from home.

If the above options don’t work for your current position, it might be time to change. Remote work jobs are being posted continuously, so get your resume up to date and get on the job hunt. Alternatively, you can work for yourself freelancing online, which gives you the freedom to choose when you work and who for.

Get the gear

Unless your employer is willing to set you up with all the gear required to work remotely, it will entail an initial cost. You will want to ensure that you have all of the equipment needed to be comfortable, productive, and effective, as well as a reliable internet connection thanks to something like one of the great hughesnet internet plans out there so that you can stay online at all times. We highly recommend prioritizing the following for anyone wishing to work remotely while traveling:

Home office essentials
  • Laptop computer
  • iPad or tablet
  • Wireless mouse
  • Ergonomic travel keyboard
  • Unlocked phone
  • Phone mount for Zoom meetings
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Luxury clothing that looks professional on camera

Choose a destination

One of the best aspects of being a digital nomad is that you have the freedom to explore living in different destinations. Many spots also have a low cost of living which is ideal for extended luxury travel. However, we urge you to consider more than value for money and the weather when choosing your destinations. Do some research and check the following:

Digital nomad

Consider other modes of travel

Heading overseas and chasing the sun doesn’t always entail a flight. One of the best aspects of remote work is the freedom to take life at your own pace, as long as you have consistent internet capabilities.

Remote work from a cruise – Picture by Sylvain Cochard

Some of the world’s most expensive and iconic train journeys offer private cabins where you can work and watch the world pass by from your window. Similarly, you could hop from one Caribbean island paradise to the next from Miami cruise terminals. Cruise companies offer fantastic upgrades for repeat guests, so you could effectively settle into your own cabin for weeks or even months at a time.  

Before you head out of state or abroad, be sure to check with a tax accountant. You may need to file paperwork about your residency requirements and amend your permanent mailing address. And if you don’t have a job now, go to Jooble, there are lots of good positions, particularly remote ones.

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