How To Retain The Re-Sale Value Of Your Luxury Car

How To Retain The Re-Sale Value Of Your Luxury Car

When you buy a luxury car, it needs to have all the features that you want to make it that special pride and joy in your life. However, the time will inevitably come when you decide to part with it. And as a luxury vehicle you will want it to sell for the best price possible.

In this article we have put together our top tips on how to retain the value of your luxury car. No matter how long you own it, ensure that you can achieve the maximum price when you come to sell.


A car with a very high mileage will never achieve a fantastic value! So this is a car that you know you ae going to sell on at some point, think carefully about how you use it in order to avoid ramping up the miles.

luxury car garage
Luxury car garage

If you have a long commute to work, then consider some car share option that means you do not have to drive everyday… Or think about public transport where possible :)


The condition of your paintwork will effect the value of your car, so try and avoid any chips or scuffs.

luxury car
Pristine Rolls Royce

Where you can, look at treatments for any of these and make sure that your car is professionally valete on a regular basis to keep it looking at its best.

Car interior

We can often forget about the interior of our cars but this is just as important. Make sure that it is kept clean, and all the little crevices are vacuumed to remove dust and crumbs.

luxury car
Car interior

Investing good quality car mats can be a great way to preserve the re-sale value of your car. Indeed, it helps to minimise wear and tear on your carpets but also protects your car from dirt, damp, mildew and bad odours.


A full-service history is vital for the re-sale value of any car, but particularly a luxury vehicle. It not only avoids any unnecessary repairs but also shows your buyer that the car has been cared. As well as well maintained, giving any buyer confidence to buy…

Car servicing

Where possible, try to stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule, and have as many of your services done by the manufacturer themselves.


Modifying our car might seem fun at the time but it will not help you to sell it. Some modifications may invalidate the warranty and are difficult to remove if they are not to the new buyer’s taste.

Some modifications can actually be responsible for making your vehicle less reliable, which can make buyers wary, and insurance companies are often prone to insisting on higher premiums as a result.

Choose wisely

If you know you will be looking to sell your car on when you buy it, then choose wisely. Do your research into what models tend to hold their value better, or are in higher demand. Just let this influence your own buying decision! Remember, classic styles are classics for a reason as they are always sought after, and neutral colours rather than bold ones tend to have a much wider appeal.

lamborghini luxury car

A car is there to be enjoyed, but it is also one of the highest value assets that you are likely to own, so it is important to maximise its value when you come to sell it. That means keeping its value in mind during the time that you own it by ensuring that you look after it in a way that the new owner will appreciate.

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