How To Look Trendy On The Golf Course

How To Look Trendy On The Golf Course

Golfing is not just a physical activity but also a time to interact with people, especially within your social group. Although golf has a relatively strict dress code, there’s ample opportunity to express your style when you play golf. Indeed, golfers are not the most prominent fashion icons, but they appear trendy on the golf course.

Looking stylish is often not crucial for many, but you don’t have to look unfashionable for your next game. Sure, you’re not going to a fashion show, but stepping up your appearance when you play golf could make a difference.

Classical golf course scenery and style

If you are among the over two million golfers in the UK, here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about looking trendy on the golf course, from what you should not wear to what you should wear.

What To Not Wear For Golfing

Looking trendy on the golf course isn’t just about getting the most expensive wear, but getting it right. You should not wear several items so you don’t look unfashionable.

Do not wear collarless shirts unless you are Tiger Woods
  • Tight or oversized shirts: While it is good to appear in trim shirts, you don’t have to show everyone how strong your abs are or the result of late-night meals. You also don’t have to wear oversized shirts that make it look like you’re hanging in them. Go for fitted shirts with sleeves at your elbow or a bit higher. The tails must touch your waist or reach below.
  • Short trousers: Unless you wear shorts, your trousers must touch the tops of your golfing shoes. Wearing short trousers for golfing is a no; a line you should not cross if you want to look trendy. Although there are no complex rules, your socks should not be visible when you wear a trouser. Don’t wear baggy and overflowing trousers that’ll trip you, but don’t wear short trousers either!
  • Collarless shirts: There’s no way you should appear on the course with collarless shirts. All shirts must have collars and remain tucked in at all times until you leave the venue. Never untuck your shirt or leave the collars up at any time.
  • Heels/big shoes: While your local golf meet may resemble a social gathering, it is also a sporting event that requires the appropriate dress. Keep the heels or high shoes aside and slide into some proper footwear.
  • No gym wear: Golfing is not your regular sporting event where gym wear fits. Keep all gym wear off the course, bar, and associated areas.

What To Wear To Look Trendy For Golfing

Here are some golfing clothes and footwear you can wear to appear trendy when you play.

Trendy sneakers for golf course

Trendy Golf Shoes

Shoes are not only necessary for protecting your feet; your golf shoe makes a statement about your style. Go for non-metal golf shoes that improve your performance without harming the golf course. You can check out some comfy, trendy Adidas golf shoes for all genders that enhance your appearance at your next game.

Plain Or Patterned Sweaters And Vests

Sweaters are essential trendy wears that will improve your appearance without much effort. Although V-necks are popular, crew sweaters bring that flair to your appearance. For a casual afternoon game, you can spice it up with patterned sweaters or vests. Remember not to wear certain vests with formal shirts so you don’t look odd.

Woman golf wear

Plain Trousers

Golfing is the one sport where plain trousers seem to be an unwritten code. Denim is not unpopular, but you’ll find more plain trousers on golf courses. Go for slim, stretchy trousers that give you enough room to jog and move around but aren’t too big for you. Remember that the trousers should touch the top of your shoes without blanketing them.


Although hats are not compulsory, they improve your appearance tremendously. Leave the cowboy and top hats home and go for flat tops, face caps, or other sports headwear that fits golfing. Ensure the hat fits your head well and won’t fall off when you lower your head. Remember to raise your heart to the crowd when you finish.

Headwear for golfing

Fitting Accessories

You don’t have to wear a matching belt, wristwatch, or shoes for golf. Of course, a colour riot is unnecessary, but you should explore your colours. Go for contrasting colours for your belt and wristwatch. Either of them may match your shoe colour or shirt, too. Bangles and wristbands are not necessary, but you could use non-metallic ones.

Tips To Look Trendy Without Being Odd

It is easy to get a wardrobe malfunction and achieve the opposite to appear trendy. Sometimes, you look at yourself in the mirror and nod in appreciation, but stepping onto the golf course, you find people giving you odd stares, wondering what you have on. Oops.

Trendy golfwear by rapper Macklemore

Here’s what you can do to step out with all confidence and have a great golf game knowing you dressed well:

Confirm The Dress Code Before Each Game

Being trendy isn’t just about standing out; you often should blend in while keeping your unique style. Sometimes, your outfit may disagree with the dress code; no matter how beautiful it is, you’ll feel out of place —confirming the dress code before each game is best to ensure that you’re on the same page with the others.

Model Someone

Most people won’t admit it, but modelling someone is probably the fastest way to get trendy. Find someone -a local golfer or some of the ranking of a professional golfer– that wears the trend the way you love it, and model your dressing after them.

Woman trendy golfwear by Puma

Drop Any Item You Are Unsure Of

Whether you have a developed fashion sense or not, listening to your sixth sense will do you some good. If you’re unsure about an item you intend to wear, keep it back and go for something else. Carefully look at each shirt, trousers, shoe, and hat before wearing them.

Wear Appropriate Dressing For The Weather

You need two outfits, smart and casual, for both summer and winter periods. Wear loose and thin clothes in summer, but go for thicker clothes when golfing in winter. Coloured winter jackets, striped shirts, black trousers and golf shoes hit differently for a winter game.

By using these tips, you can create the ideal golfing outfit for every game, and ensure that you always look stylish and presentable on the course.

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