How To Host the Ultimate Glamping Themed Wedding

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First things first: planning your wedding day can be one of the most stressful things you and your partner go through together. Whether working with a tight wedding planning budget or aiming to make your special day as unique as possible, it can be challenging to turn the day of your dreams into a reality.

Whichever way you plan it, your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life: surrounded by friends and family, it’ll be a massive celebration of the love between you and your partner and a party everyone is sure to remember for the rest of their lives. Yet what do you do when you want an elegant wedding, and your partner wants a bohemian-themed bash?


The answer is simple: glamping. A fusion of glamour and camping, glamping has become increasingly popular among the younger generation of campers, as 56% of campers are millennials and wedding planners since it enables you to make the most of your special day and enjoy the company of family and friends for longer. So, get comfortable on your couch with your finance and wedding binder as we outline how to host the ultimate glamping-themed wedding below.

Communicate With Your Guests

A wedding brings together a variety of people from immediate family, childhood friends, distant relatives, acquaintances and many more. Due to this, everyone will likely have opposing views about camping or may not have ever camped before in their life; therefore, it is essential that you communicate with your guests and iron out any doubts that they may have.

Glamping wedding

Explain your vision for your special day and all the logistics involved in making the experience as comfortable as possible for you and your guests. Portable toilets are necessary, but you may want to offer additional amenities such as showering facilities, a dining tent, or a pamper tent where your guests can touch up using tables, mirrors, and plug sockets for electronics like hair straighteners, curlers etc.

Check With Your Venue

Depending on where you intend to host your wedding, specific venues may have rules about camping on the premises. Assuming that you’re planning your special day in a field/land hire situation, then it’s more than likely that the owners will allow you and your guests to use a tent hire service over the weekend.

Glamping tent

However, if you have a different venue in mind, like a hotel or stately home, it would be wise to double-check what rules the premises have about using a tent hire service, as certain premises may have their own rules. Once you’ve checked with your venue, you can research different tent hire service providers and the kinds of glamping experiences they offer.

For more inspiration, consider having a look at the websites of tent hire service providers like Yurtel, which offer a range of luxurious, sophisticated canvas yurts and bell tents to hire for your special day. Visit their website or contact a team member directly for more information and see how their custom tent hire service could help you and your fiancé plan the wedding of your dreams today.

Have A Backup Plan

Let’s face it, English weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, and even if the forecast for your special day looks promising weeks in advance, it can soon change on the day. Therefore, having a backup plan is of extreme importance, especially when it comes to an outdoor wedding so that it doesn’t put a damper on your special day – literally!


Fortunately, there are many creative and fun options for rainy wedding days, even if you opt for a venue that doesn’t have an indoor alternative. From setting up a marquee, handing out umbrellas, extra blankets, towels etc., there are various creative ways to keep the rain at bay while enjoying your special day.

Offer An Alternative

No matter how unique a glamping-themed wedding day sounds, you will always have friends and family members that are not on board with the idea.

Glamping looking like a hotel

Whether they’ve had a negative previous camping experience or are elderly and worried about how comfortable the experience will be, it might be worthwhile to offer an alternative place for these types of guests to stay. Depending on the type of venue you intend to hire for your special day, if you opt for a camping venue, they may offer a select number of rooms in case of this eventuality. If this is not the case, you could consider researching nearby accommodation options and making a list of some top-recommended hotels on the back of your invitations. Or, if you have a wedding group chat or a website dedicated to your special day, you could consider making a list of nearby hotels and sharing them with your guests.

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