How To Elevate Your Destination Engagement

destination engagement in new york

Getting engaged is sure to be one of the best moments of your life. This declaration of mutual love and making a commitment to be bonded for life is an occasion to be cherished. Such a special event deserves to be extraordinary which is why the concept of destination engagement is on the rise.

Popular places for getting engaged abroad include spots in Paris, Iceland, London, and New York City, all united by one major theme – a mesmerising backdrop. After all, what is more glorious that a glittering cityscape, stunning seaside sunset, or the vibrant dancing Northern Lights?

If you are planning to propose overseas, take a look at these tips on how to elevate your destination engagement. This, to ensure that you both remember this event for the rest of your lives!

Prepare ahead of the holiday

Most essential is to prepare ahead of the holiday. While spontaneity has its place, research is required to find the right location and incorporate the proposal seamlessly into your itinerary. That being said, make sure you have a back-up plan in case things go awry on the day!

Take the right ring

Putting effort into finding the right engagement ring for your partner is important as it demonstrates how much you care. However, you may not feel confident choosing such a significant piece of jewellery or comfortable taking such a valuable item abroad.

Engagement ring trends
Engagement ring trends

Going to a reputable jeweller and seeking advice from your partner’s friends will be helpful, but there is nothing wrong with using a placeholder ring during the proposal with a promise to go shopping together upon your return.

Choose special surroundings

Chances are your destination will deliver special surroundings without input from you, but there are ways to guarantee that the location will be sensational. For example, take time to look up the most spectacular viewpoints ahead of your arrival so that you know where to find the most beautiful spot.

Paris scenery for engagement by Jenny Fu Studio
Paris scenery for engagement by Jenny Fu Studio

You could also work with suppliers or hoteliers in your destination to add extra elements such as a flower arch or picnic blanket and champagne. Whatever you do, make sure that the backdrop is tailored to your partner, reflective of the things they love.

Consider a photographer

Capturing the moment is a fantastic way to elevate your destination engagement. These images of an intimate moment will be treasured forever and shared with friends and family back home. You can also have a photoshoot afterwards and incorporate these professional pictures of you as a couple into your wedding invitations. For live-action footage, hire a videographer.

Plan a post-proposal activity

Finally, as special as the proposal is, don’t centre the entire day or night around it. Have a post-proposal activity in place so that you can celebrate the occasion in style!

Amazing landscape for engagement followed by romantic hiking
Amazing landscape for engagement followed by romantic hiking

This could be absolutely anything but make sure it is tailored to you two as a couple. Love hiking? Walk an awe-inspiring trail. Food lovers? Do a destination dining experience.

We hope these tips help you to elevate your destination engagement to an event you never forget.

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